Workshops and Activities at Circle Square Ranch

Here is the Lineup of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Weekend Activities

– MORNING ACTIVITY – Saturday 7-8am –

Chakradance®: Unleash Your Spirit!
Facilitated by Jaz Villemaire

An Active Meditation to Tune into and Tune Up Your Chakras
You’ve tried to meditate but found your body was itching to move and your mind kept talking away? You don’t know how to tap into your body’s wisdom? You would like to deepen your connection to divine consciousness and receive guidance and higher perspectives on your life’s issues? Then Chakradance® is for you.

Imagine gently awakening your intuition, your body and your mind with a wonderful morning practice. The music starts, you feel the beat in your body and soul. Eyes closed or gently gazing toward the floor, you choose to surrender yourself to the music, and allow your body to move freely. You are gently guided to explore your inner stories and how they show up in your life. You release through movement those old thoughts and beliefs that don’t support or nurture your soul. You move your body to increase your personal vibration and invite in Universal energy and spirit helpers who can show you the way to heal. You might cry. You might giggle. You might smile. You will certainly feel well on your way to wholeness, peace and serenity.

No dance experience or prior knowledge of the chakras is necessary. Dress comfortably and in layers (temperature can fluctuate). Bring a journal, a cushion and a water bottle. I am the third Canadian to be fully-accredited as a Chakradance® Facilitator. I found this to be a deeply transformative journey with Chakradance®. I received deep insights and the courage to change my life. I no longer struggle with meditation and my intuition is sharper than ever before. I am looking forward to sharing this wonder-filled healing modality with you!
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– HORSEBACK RIDING LESSON – Saturday 9-10am –

This one-hour lesson will cover the basics of horseback riding. You will be taught to safely lead your horse and to start, stop, and steer horses while riding at a walk. Your confidence will grow as you learn new skills in an arena and if the instructor is confident of the group’s readiness, you will go on a short trail ride.
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– SESSION 1 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Saturday 10-11:30am – Choose One –

Workshop 1: Designing Your Desktop: Reprogram Your Life from the Inside Out
Presented by Jennifer Febel
Remember DOS? It was a revolutionary system for it’s time but you wouldn’t dream of trying to run a computer with it now, would you? Of course not! Then why are you still running old programs in your own life? Think about it. If you imagine the human mind to be like a computer, then it’s easy to understand that you have Hardware and Software programs that you run, both consciously and unconsciously. While many people still believe that dis-ease (anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions…etc.) is a problem with the Hardware, the more we learn about the brain the more we understand that it is the Software programs that are mostly responsible for our daily experiences.

And just like you can uninstall programs on your desktop, you can uninstall the programs in your life you don’t want to run anymore (Eg. Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, Hurt…etc.) and step into a more balanced and vibrant You!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to unlock the healing potential of your unconscious mind
  • You’re tired of all the negative chatter in your head and you wish it would shut off for good
  • You struggle with anxiety and are looking for a more holistic approach
  • You’re looking for more confidence and balance in your daily life

Join Master Hypnotherapist and Wellness coach, Jennifer Febel, to explore the workings of your Unconscious Mind and discover the key to unlocking your inner wisdom. This workshop is about creating the kind of life you really want, saying goodbye to drama and stepping into a life you are excited about!
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Horse Science
Presented by Circle Square Ranch Staff
This one-hour lesson will focus on spending time with horses and how to care for and groom them. Participants will also learn parts of the horse, parts of the saddle and bridle and how to pick up horses’ feet. There will be no riding of the horses during this lesson.
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– SESSION 2 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Saturday 12-1:30pm – Choose One –

Workshop 2: Live, Learn, Love: Learning How to Connect and Communicate with Spirit in your Everyday Life
Presented by Paula Stableford
Do you find yourself wishing you could see what is coming up for you on your road ahead? Or connect with and feel energy from the Other Side? Do you want to receive signs from Spirit and understand and know what changes you need to make in your life in order to live an amazing life rather than just exist? What does being intuitive look like in our every day life? How can we use love and intuition to overcome challenges and get ourselves back on our life path? And if willing to journey there, what are the ways we can apply this new found connection and knowledge to all aspects of our life? Let’s connect to what you believe…how spirit may help you live…and how love can guide you to learning and letting go.
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Horseback Riding Lesson
Presented by Circle Square Ranch Staff
This one-hour lesson will cover the basics of horseback riding. You will be taught to safely lead your horse and to start, stop, and steer horses while riding at a walk. Your confidence will grow as you learn new skills in an arena and if the instructor is confident of the group’s readiness, you will go on a short trail ride.
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– SESSION 3 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Saturday 3-4:30pm –

Workshop 3: Confidence Building: While Laughing and Learning – Speaking and Singing
Presented by Sandra Valks
Explore fun and confidence as we learn to relax and ‘BE OURSELVES’, while speaking, listening and even thinking on our feet. We will learn to stand, claim our space, and find our voice. In this experiential workshop, we will use music, poetry and story to add our natural talents into our own talk – transforming our confidence level in ALL areas of our lives – whether at home, work or play!  Sandi Boucher, author of Honorary Indian states: “Confidence is INTOXICATING for those who SEEK it, and It is a BLESSING to those who FIND it.”

Feel free to bring a favourite poem or short reading that you’d like to share! Be ready to enjoy some music too. DON’T WORRY! With effective communication, it’s all FUN in the PRACTISING! Your take-away? Freedom to be yourself
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Workshop 4: Vivacious Forgiveness: Forgiveness Through the Active Use of Self
Presented by Jenn Foster
Through the use of figurative expression and down to earth vibrations together we will bring clarity to the insights that are insecurely stuck inside of you. We all make mistakes which in turn lead to self destructive ways and victimizing reactions. Join me to use your own personal tools to clear the rubbish away and begin transcending to a place of balance within yourself. The clouds are not meant to stay lingering inside…

There is sunshine all around us and the first beam of light is YOU!
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– SESSION 4 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Saturday 5-6:30pm – Choose One

Workshop 5: Make Peace with Food and Your Body
Presented by Kelly Boaz
Are you tired of constantly being at war with yourself? For too many people, food is the enemy. It’s time to stop fighting food and make peace with your body.

In this workshop, you’ll learn skills to help you break the diet cycle, find your own definition of healthy, and start to connect with yourself again. It is possible to eat well without feeling restricted. It is possible to be healthy physically without sacrificing your mental health.

Bring yourself, a notebook, and a willingness to let go of your rules and restrictions.
(You’re worth it)
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Workshop 6: Find Your Awesomeness Within
Presented by Vaishali Patel
This is a workshop aimed to tap into your amazing self and map out your fabulousness. If you’re struggling with not necessarily knowing your purpose, what you’re good at, and organizing your thoughts – this is for you. If it helps, bring your most positive, forward thinking and supportive girlfriends for this powerful exercise in self confidence strengthening.

Vaishali will first share with you the importance of having a high self worth, and then will lead you through an activity to help you find your own unique set of strengths and qualities, which will help you see your overall value.

Materials will be provided. Your creativity, willingness to see and embrace your awesomeness, and ability to see other women’s qualities are required to attend this workshop.
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– EVENING ACTIVITIES – Saturday 8:30-10:30pm

Coffee House/Open Mic

Saturday 8:30-10:30pm
Emcee – Carlie Howell
This is your opportunity to share your stories, poetry, music, comedy, talents, fears, dreams, and performances in front of the most welcoming, loving and respectful audience! Challenge yourself to take the stage and be vulnerable – the growth and transformation you will feel as a result will be well worth it! Our Emcee, talented singer/songwriter, Carlie Howell will be performing her music throughout the evening. Her song Rise Like the Pheonix has become an informal anthem for Bliss Weekends – we are very excited to have her be our fearless leader for the evening.
– Everyone welcome to participate! –

– SESSION 5 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Sunday 10:30am-12pm – Choose One

Workshop 7: Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils
Facilitated by Lesley Dionissopolous
Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils is a workshop that takes you on a journey using essential oils to help you connect mind, body and Spirit and restore balance within your seven chakras. Lesley will also talk about the frequency of the body and essential oils, and how raising your vibration can help maintain a healthy and balanced life. The simple methods covered in the workshop can easily be incorporated into your daily personal practice.
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Journalling: A Path To Finding Your Inner Compass
Facilitated by Treena Hill
We are in a constant state of fluctuation and after giving most of our time and energy to others, we can easily lose sight of our own dreams, desires and wants. Through the process of writing in a journal you can once again open up that line of communication between you and your authentic self, your inner compass. In the process, you can change the direction of your life, meet the person you used to be or even let that person you have always been out to shine.

Doing it old school with pen to paper adds to the magic and removes you from the fast paced technological world we live in. You get back to the basics of just you and your thoughts. Carving out ten minutes of your day either at the beginning or just before bed is all it takes, that and the agreement with yourself to actually take the time for you to do it.

The main goal of the workshop is to realize that the key to your life and the things that you want come from inside of you, you are the key and until you get to truly know your authentic self it is hard to open those doors of your future.

We will discuss the importance of writing everyday, what to write if you get stuck and how your inner compass could be trying to tell you something. We will also take some time and write a journal entry and then open the floor to discussion. So bring a pen, an open mind and let your light shine.
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