Workshops at Christie Lake Camp

What will you learn at our June Bliss Weekend?

The focus of the workshops and group sessions is to provide you with skills and awareness to help you find balance and rejuvenation in all aspects of your life. You will enjoy deep, challenging workshops supported by a community of kindred spirits with skilled instructors to guide you.

Workshop 1: You Are What You Think!
by Stephanie Hochstetler
Presenter StephanieGirls! Let it go! LET….IT….GO! RELEASE the HURTS, the ANGER, the TRAUMAS, and the BLAMING. Your past does not define who you are, or who you are to become! It does not define your self-worth! I can show you how to let go of the false beliefs you’ve held onto as truths, and how you have been living based on a false belief system. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! So I ask you, what do you think of yourself, your family, or others? Do you believe, I mean really believe, that you are special? Loved? Valuable? Good enough? Do you live AUTHENTIC to who you are? Do you spend time wondering what others might think of you or the choices you’ve made?

Journey with me as I share with you holistic techniques that utilize the power of forgiveness to improve and completely change the way you think of yourself, others and even the world! ELIMINATE the LIES you’ve told yourself, or perhaps the lies you learned from others. Ladies! We are all AMAZING, and each of us are DEVINE CREATIONS! Leave this workshop being more like the authentic individual you are! Allow me to show you how to LET GO of what no longer serves you and how to FORGIVE! I PROMISE you, it will AMAZING!

More JOY! More LOVE! More FULLFILLMENT! More PROSPERITY! Won’t you join me?! I look forward to seeing you there!

Workshop 2: Too Tired for Self-Care?
by Sonya Nobbe
Presenter SonyaWe’re busy women. We have careers, families, responsibilities and pressures. And though we may have good intentions to love and respect ourselves, the struggle to include regular exercise, creative expression, and healthy eating, into our routines can leave us feeling even more depleted and unfulfilled. Did you know that there are ways to “cheat” to make this easier?

This workshop is about identifying and addressing key physical deficiencies that deplete your energy. It’s about balancing your hormones, your biochemistry, and your perspective, so that much needed change feels like a relief rather than an additional responsibility.

We’ll start by charting your energy level through your day and completing some targeted self-assessments. We’ll use this information to explore common sources of fatigue, such as key nutrient deficiencies, digestive disorders and other sources of inflammation, thyroid dysfunction, sleep disorders, and stress or sex hormone imbalances.

Adaptogenic herbs, such as Rhodiola and Ashwagandha, have been used in other cultures for more than a century to keep stress hormones up and balanced despite undue environmental or emotional stress. We’ll explore how to choose one that’s a good fit for you.

At the end of this workshop, you should have a plan for improving your energy level so that lifestyle changes are more easily implemented and maintained for optimal health and wellness.

Workshop 3: How to Incorporate Superfoods into Your Diet
by Michelle Vodrazka
Presenter MichelleDuring this workshop, you will be introduced to superfoods like maca, hemp, cacao nibs, spiralling and aloe. We will discuss why these super nutrient-dense foods are so good for us and how to easily incorporate them into your diet. This workshop includes a live food demo, super yummy samples and handouts including all recipes.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Workshop 4: Confidence Training while Laughing and Learning
by Sandra Valks
Presenter SandraExplore fun and confidence as we learn to relax and ‘BE OURSELVES’, while speaking, listening and even thinking on our feet. We will learn to stand, claim our space, and find our voice. In this experiential workshop, we will use music, poetry and story to add our natural talents into our own talk – transforming our confidence level in ALL areas of our lives – whether at home, work or play!  Sandi Boucher, author of Honorary Indian states: “Confidence is INTOXICATING for those who SEEK it, and It is a BLESSING to those who FIND it.”

Feel free to bring a favourite poem or short reading that you’d like to share! Be ready to enjoy some music too. DON’T WORRY! With effective communication, it’s all FUN in the PRACTISING! Your take-away? Freedom to be yourself!

Workshop 5: Creating Your Perfect Life!
by Pat Kammer
presenter; womens weekend; womens retreat; spirituality; Bliss B4 Laundry; Bliss Weekend; women; girlfriends; getawayEliminating past fears and traumas and finding your true self is only the tip of the iceberg in creating your perfect life. Being inspired and using your natural curiosity is what keeps you young and vital. Join me in this exciting workshop where we will release you from fear into a life of expansion and possibilities! You will see a visual demonstration of how thoughts can affect the body and how we ourselves are often not honouring what we really want from life. You will be given tools to create change, be inspired and see new possibilities for your life! You will learn to overcome adversity and drama. And you will learn how to start each new day in a way that will change your life forever. Learn from my experiences and seek to hear the guidance of your Higher Self motivating and calling you to a more significant life outside the box!

Workshop 6:

Sexy on My Own Terms

Zentangles for Meditation


Journalling: A Path to Find Your Inner Compass

Confidence Training While Laughing & Learning

It’s All about the Base: Identifying and Toning the Pelvic Floor

Soul Rescue: Reclaim Your Spirit

Bedazzled Chakra Vitality

Keep It Simple Sweetie!

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