Workshops at Camp Kawartha

Choose from these amazing workshops!

– SESSION 1 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Saturday 9:30-11am

Workshop 1: The BIG Idea
Presented by Kita Spzak
The notion that you are sole proprietor and in complete control of the BIG idea you’ve hatched in that aha moment some of us are lucky enough to have, needs a closer look. Join Kita as she threads together the aspects of happiness and success with the “BIG idea”, “making it” and the surprising truth about you, your creativity and the role you play on this planet.

Workshop 2: The Sex Ed Class You Didn’t Have But Should’ve Had
Presented by Karen BK Chan
Do you remember sex ed class? Chances are, you either remember only a few gory details or don’t remember much at all. And more importantly, did it make you feel better about yourself, or worse?

So much sex ed content is based on fear, and so often it’s delivered like it’s bad news! Sexuality – whether you’re sexual or not, new or experienced, enticed or a bit grossed out – is an important aspect of human life, and sex ed, therefore, should be life affirming. It should tell you about your body with respect and wonder, give you a realistic sense of sexuality (it’s complex and imperfect), calm your anxieties (they’re normal!), and expand your imagination (so much is possible!).

Join me for the Sex Ed Class You Didn’t Have but deserve. Let’s talk about breasts and testicles, orgasms and self-pleasure, rekindling desire, health and hygiene, and even how you could talk to your kids about sexuality. And let’s do it all kindly and lightheartedly, through laughter and stories, and with useful, practical information.

Workshop 3: Journaling – A Path to Finding Your Inner Compass
Presented by Treena Hill
We are in a constant state of fluctuation and after giving most of our time and energy to others, we can easily lose sight of our own dreams, desires and wants. Through the process of writing in a journal you can once again open up that line of communication between you and your authentic self, your inner compass. In the process, you can change the direction of your life, meet the person you used to be or even let that person you have always been out to shine.

Doing it old school with pen to paper adds to the magic and removes you from the fast paced technological world we live in. You get back to the basics of just you and your thoughts. Carving out ten minutes of your day either at the beginning or just before bed is all it takes, that and the agreement with yourself to actually take the time for you to do it.

The main goal of the workshop is to realize that the key to your life and the things that you want come from inside of you, you are the key and until you get to truly know your authentic self it is hard to open those doors of your future.

We will discuss the importance of writing everyday, what to write if you get stuck and how your inner compass could be trying to tell you something. We will also take some time and write a journal entry and then open the floor to discussion. So bring a pen, an open mind and let your light shine.

– SESSION 2 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Saturday 11:30am-1pm

Workshop 4: Boost Your Metabolism
Presented by Michelle Vodrazka
Are you feeling exhausted and run down? Have you noticed more belly fat accumulating around your waist?  Are you craving sugar and carbs? If you do, your metabolism might be to blame. Learn how you can boost your metabolism and get your life back on track by implementing a few simple tricks and techniques. Michelle will teach you the reasons that your metabolism may not be functioning the way it should be, which common mistakes most people make, and what simple steps you can take to increase your energy levels, balance your hormones and get rid of those stubborn pounds.

Workshop 5: Energy! It Makes the World Go Round. But What Is It Exactly?
Presented by Velvet Williamson
In this workshop, Velvet will teach you how energy affects us, both positively and negatively. Learn how to clear yourself from negative vibrations and turn yourself into a human magnet to attract all the good that life has to offer. She will take you through a guided past life regression meditation and help you put the puzzle pieces together of what a ‘whole’-istic life really is. Find balance within yourself and your surroundings while becoming more intuitive. Velvet will also teach you how aromatherapy oils and crystals can help you from an energetic and physical point of view. You will leave the workshop with new knowledge, a sense of balance and a positive outlook on life!

Workshop 6: Branch Out! Drawing FOR Wellness
Presented by Lynn LeCorre-Dallaire
Are you stressed out or feeling unfulfilled? Are you looking for a relaxing, centering activity that focuses your mind and feeds your soul? I believe ‘the arts and creativity’ are one of the missing links in connecting our physical, emotional and spiritual selves to a life of wellness and fulfillment. When we do not allow ourselves to be expressive or creative, we close off a part of our soul.

Drawing can be a meditative past time to allow us to unwind and ‘de-stress’ in our busy lives. It is a form of self-expression and a focus building skill, as it is engaging. I believe everyone CAN learn how to draw!

The tree is a metaphor of life, how does a tree represent your life? You will discover this through your unique tree drawing. I will guide you (step by step) in learning to look at nature (a tree) and deconstruct it into simple lines, shapes, and textures using traditional drawing tools. You will not only leave with a simple tree drawing, but also with renewed confidence that you CAN draw!

No drawing experience necessary; tools and paper provided.

– SESSION 3 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Saturday 2:30-4pm

Workshop 7: Connecting through Drumming – Come Feel the Power of the Drum!
Presented by Mariana Palhares & Baque de Bamba
Baque de Bamba workshops involve team work, communication, musical dynamics/rhythmic explorations. Using a relaxed approach, we look to help participants feel comfortable with the instruments and get quickly acquainted with the Maracatu basics. We choose to take a more hands-on approach as opposed to lecture style because of the nature and culture of Maracatu. It is learned through the body by listening and connecting with each other, and by feeling the base drums in contrast with the higher pitched shakers, bells and singing. Starting with warm- up exercises, basic stretching and rhythm games, the whole group works together and gets acquainted as one following the leader of the troupe. Drumming brings us together, connects us with our ancestors and empowers and enriches our spirits.
*Note: Please bring drums or shakers or other percussion instruments if you have them.

Workshop 8: Angel Healing and Group Message Experience 
Presented by Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark will guide you through a powerful group angelic healing mediation that will help you deepen your connection to your own Authentic Self, Angels, Guides & Loved Ones. She will then offer random mini-readings to selected group participants to help them shift and move forward. 

Workshop 9: Mamacare – A Self-Care Framework for Busy Mothers
Presented by Jessica Sherman
When we become mothers we go through a massive transition that is largely unnoticed; just like our little ones, we start up a long and steep learning curve and we grow in ways we never could have imagined. The speed of life takes off and our own needs, our own growth, our own sense of self, too often gets tossed to the periphery. We become exhausted.

The MamaCare framework, developed by nutritionist and mom Jess Sherman, offers a different way of mothering; a way for too-busy mothers to integrate their needs into the daily act of parenting, and reclaim their health by becoming the Chief Financial Officers of their energy bank accounts.

In this dynamic and interactive session Jess will help you quickly and efficiently identify your needs and build a box of tools, from meals to mindset, to ensure you avoid energetic bankruptcy. The MamaCare framework is one that you can take home and make your own, applying it on an ongoing basis so you stay healthy for years to come.

– SESSION 4 WORKSHOP CHOICES – Sunday 10:30am-12pm

Workshop 10: Vision Quest: It Starts From Within
Presented by Candice Gallinger
Many of us seek external sources to fill a void that is deep within. You may look ahead to the future and think “I will be happy when… I get a better job, make more money, find a loving partner, am a size or two smaller….” It can be difficult to experience pure joy when trapped in your mind running through such lists.

As a result, it becomes next to impossible to feel content or at peace in the present moment. Once we are able to truly love and accept ourselves for who we are, we gain a powerful tool to rise above the drama of our mind. By rewriting our limiting beliefs and releasing any feelings we have attached to them, we tap into the parts hidden deep within our heart.

Discover how to follow your own higher guidance system to experience true happiness in the now.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how meditation and the practice of being fully present in the moment can have a positive effect on your health and your life
  • Find what makes your heart sing by asking key questions and listening to the signs from within
  • Gain the tools you need to let go of old stories and begin to write the story of your dreams

Workshop 11: Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet – A Survival Guide
Presented by Jaz Villemaire
The energy is shifting, moving and ancient knowledge is reawakening… If you’re here, you are likely feeling this shift in various areas of your life – and you’re unsure what to do with it. This shift might feel like an urge to change your life – you KNOW there is more to life than the usual routine of sleep-eat-work-kids… You want more out of your relationships. You remember how magical life used to be when you were a kid, and you’re missing that. In fact, you might be missing YOU, feeling that you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way, trying so hard being a responsible adult. Or maybe you’re noticing that subtle senses are awakening. You feel more. You sense more. You might feel scared, confused, and you just don’t know who to talk to. You might feel like you’re the only one going through such a transformation.

Maybe you’ve come to terms with your spiritual self. You’re ready to explore and step out of your comfort zone. Your biggest question is, what now? Where to start?

In this workshop, you will:

  • talk about your fears – you’ll see you’re not alone!
  • explore how to share what you’re going through with your family, friends and colleagues
  • learn about various spiritual practices and get a feel for what’s a right fit for you
  • receive tips on how to choose a mentor, coach or spiritual teacher
  • gain clarity on your spiritual path and your next “right step” in your journey
  • learn why knowing your soul purpose and being attuned to your spiritual gifts can help you manifest more joy, love and abundance in your life
  • get a boost in self-esteem and confidence

Note: Bring a journal and be ready to shift!

Workshop 12: Conquer Your Fear on the High Ropes Course!
Facilitated by Camp Kawartha Staff
Set your thrill meter to HIGH! Cheer each other on as you tackle challenges on Camp Kawartha’s High Ropes Course. This session is facilitated by well-trained Camp Kawartha staff.

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