Workshop – Camp Kawartha 2014

These were the workshops carried out at Camp Kawartha October 3-5, 2014

Session 1 – Saturday – 9:45 – 11:00am

Workshop 1 – Are You Battling Superwoman Syndrome?
Presented By Vaishali Patel

You are in your prime: you have a pretty good career, you have a loving family, and you are involved with community initiatives. On the outside things look good. Then why are you not feeling good on the inside? You might be battling Superwoman Syndrome. Superwoman Syndrome occurs when a woman is constantly striving to accomplish everything possible to please others in her life and not putting herself as a top priority.This workshop will give you an opportunity to explore how Superwoman Syndrome occurs and whether it has crept up in your life. We will also talk about ways to combat it, and allow ourselves to be the authentic, amazing women we already are.

Workshop 2 – Energy Healing
Presented By Paula Stableford
Intuitive Spiritual Healing, which combines intuition with Reiki healing energy, helps us let go of past pain and release fear. In this workshop, we will learn how our bodies and minds are greatly affected by the energy of thoughts, words, past experiences and fear of the future. Even past lives! We will examine how to let go, recognize and connect to this pain and fear allowing us to release and move forward. We will use different tools in the healing process: 1) Meditation and chakra cleansing; 2) Crystals, sage, essential oils, and nature; 3) Intuitive guidance and Spirit intervention in our soul’s journey and healing; 4) Balance energy – balance our life with tips on breathing and clearing unwanted energy from our aura, workplaces and homes; 5) Learning how our bodies are affected by energy and addressing its origin in order to release; 6) Connect to Angels and feel their energy and participate in a group healing!!!; 7) Letting go of fear, redirecting thought and learning how you can change your life simply by changing your thoughts and re-focusing your energy towards your goals hopes and dreams; 8) Tools to connect to your own intuition. Finally I will pass messages to the participants.

Workshop 3 – Essential Oils Experience
Presented By Lesley Dionissopolous
Essential oils have been used in certain cultures for thousands of years. In their purest form they hold the ability to identify, heal, connect to and change the vibrational energy of the body which in turn heals spiritual and emotional wounds. Through participation and demonstration you will learn, feel and experience the vibration of each oil and their healing capabilities. You may even experience spontaneous healing!! The Essential Oils Experience is a workshop that takes you through a journey. This journey with your soul deals with an emotional or physical pain or just an overall balance and de-stress. You will be able to feel how your body changes with each oil as it is applied. Your attraction/distaste to smell of the oils is your intuitive connection to the healing your body needs. You will learn how to intuitively chose the oils you need, apply and use them correctly. Participants are encouraged to speak about their experience, I have an extensive background in intuitive energy healing, life coaching and home based spiritual businesses. I look forward to guiding participants to a place of balance, healing and living an exciting and passionate life.

Workshop 4 – Trust and Low Ropes
Presented By Camp Kawartha Staff
Through increasingly more complex activities, participants experience the power and potential of trust and especially what it means to honour the trust of others. We begin with a series of trust activities and we end by using a number of creative low rope elements that emphasize mindfulness, focus and group commitment.
*Note: Please wear comfortable clothing and good footwear to this workshop.

Session 2 – Saturday – 11:30am – 1:00pm

Workshop 5 – Maracatu : Introduction to the Afro Brazilian rhythm and cultural manifestation (Replacing ‘Drumming for Joy!’)
Presented By Mari Palhares 
Baque de Bamba workshops involve team work, communication, musical dynamics/rhythmic explorations. In a relaxed and more impromptu approach, we look to help participants easily feel comfortable with the instruments and quickly acquainted with the Maracatu basics. We choose to take a more hands-on approach a opposed to lecture style because of the nature and culture of Maracatu, it is learned through the body, listening, connecting with each other, feeling the base drums in contrast with the higher pitched shakers and bells and singing. Nonetheless it is important to take time to explain basic technique and rhythmic patterns. Starting with warm- up exercises, basic stretching and rhythm games, the whole group works together and gets acquainted as one following the leader of the troupe. Drumming brings us together, connects us with our ancestors and empowers and enriches our spirits.
*Note: Please bring drums or shakers or other percussion instruments if you have them.

Workshop 6 – The Secrets Happy Women Know
Presented By Sarah Hutchison
All of life is a dance with duality. We cannot know true happiness without experiences of pain and sadness. Nor can we know the serenity of peace without discontentment and conflict. Moving into the lightness that comes with happiness and contentment requires the genuine acknowledgement of our soul’s truest desires and gifts. The road to unpacking and unearthing these truisms can be laden with adversity and challenge, but it needn’t be. Join me as we discover the magic and power of intention, affirmation, mindfulness, gratitude and authentic listening. Hearing our heart-song amidst the chatter of our ego takes courage and self-awareness, while giving it creative license to become our reality opens a whole new level of consciousness where happiness can’t help but come naturally.

Workshop 7 – How Karma Affects Our Daily Lives
Presented By Lynda Sutherland-Taylor
The goal of this workshop is to aid blockages that may be affecting your life today. We all bring energies into this life from other lives that are not necessarily serving us well. In this workshop, we will discuss how Karma may be affecting your mental, emotional or physical well being. You will be guided into a past life that is specifically affecting you today. We will call in the Lords of Karma and ask that this karma be removed for the highest good.

Communal Cooking 2 – Building a Salad Bowl That Wows!
Facilitated By Gabriela Flores
Want to learn fun, quick, delicious ideas for a veggie feast? Bowl with me! You will never, ever look at a salad the same way again. You might think that adopting a plant-based diet would result in a very limited and flavourless daily menu, but with some creativity and a fuller understanding of all the options out there, it’s easy to have a varied and delicious meal EVERYDAY! 

Session 3 – Saturday – 2:45 – 4:15pm

Workshop 8 – Ayurveda and Nutrition
Presented By Sian Wilson
This workshop will provide an introduction to the science of Ayurveda, a system of Hindu traditional medicine, including a look at its history. We will learn the meaning of doshas (constitutions) and the participants will fill out a questionnaire to determine their own dosha. Participants will be provided with nutritional guidelines for their specific dosha. We will also discuss the relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda and how to get the greatest benefit from your yoga practice.

Workshop 9 – Rescue Your Soul: Awaken Your Creativity
Presented By Gerri Bird
Some of us live as a target for whatever the day has in store. What if your life is a series of choices in each moment? Are your choices helping you achieve goals, find personal meaning and direction and awaken your creativity and desire, or do they continue to support old patterns of fear and doubt? Come with me for a journey of self-discovery, and find that your soul has been patiently waiting to return to you. Learn how intuition, desire and common sense can help you improve every aspect of your life. Participants will learn techniques for relaxation, self-hypnosis and strategies to create effective change.

Workshop 10 – Trust Your Vibes!
Presented By Sarah Hutchison
Everything vibrates! Science has taught us to rely on what we can see and touch, yet everything when you break it down is made of energy that is not perceivable by the naked eye. Join us in this workshop to explore the basics of your chakra system and how your thoughts, emotions and desires are infinitely creative! Demystify the secrets of how to feel your personal energy vibration and then work with it intentionally to transform your life. This workshop is practical, fun and hands-on! Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your awareness and learn to trust your vibes!

Session 4 – Saturday – 4:30 – 6:00pm

Workshop 11 – Yoga for Breast Health
Presented By Lesley Halcro
This workshop will provide an overview of the lymphatic system, its important relationship to breast health, and how breath and movement in a yoga practice can assist in the flow of lymphatic circulation in our bodies and breasts. A variety of yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) designed to stimulate the proper function of our lymphatic system and support breast health will be presented and practiced. Whether participants have experienced problems with their breasts (pain, fibrocystic breasts, dense breasts, breast cancer) or not, this workshop will provide positive and practical methods for increasing awareness and maintaining breast health. No previous yoga experience needed.
*Note: Please bring a yoga mat, straps and blocks if you have them.

Workshop 12 – Emotional and Physical Healing Using Forgiveness
Presented By Janette Trent
As women, we naturally approach the world from a “feeling” perspective. And this can be an amazing perspective, unless our dominant feelings are ones that are holding us back and causing our true joyful nature to be hidden from the world. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that helps us to find a new place of being in the world. A place where we can have amazing self-esteem, fulfilling relationships, and strong healthy bodies. During this workshop, I teach participants how to use forgiveness to shift their limiting beliefs, to free up their energy so they can apply it to things that they really want in their lives, and to break patterns that cause them to repeat experiences that don’t serve them. We will begin with a short PowerPoint presentation on forgiveness, how and why it works, and how to specifically use it in the healing process. Together we do healing work on a few core areas where most women have limiting beliefs; areas such as money, love relationships, body image, and self-worth. Then if time allows, I will survey the ladies in attendance to see if there are some common issues/experiences that apply to a few women in attendance, such as abuse, rape, physical trauma (accident or injury), or other emotionally traumatic events. If so, we will work through healing these issues together. I have been blessed to experience some truly amazing transformations through this work, and have found that when a group of women move together toward a common goal of healing, the result is nothing short of miraculous!

Workshop 13 – Beauty from the Inside Out: Using Food Combining to Optimize Digestion
Presented By Michelle Lall
The workshop will explain food combining and how it plays a role in digestion. It will go into detail about when digestion is minimal there is more energy in the body to create beauty (skin, hair, nails, etc.). Digestion and food combining is truly at the heart of creating beauty from the inside out. This not only benefits the body as more energy is diverted to taking care of metabolic functions, removing toxicity, removing mutated cells and giving one a sense of vibrancy. This added energy also allows one to think clearer and to focus. In terms of spirituality, when the body and mind are functioning optimally we are less stressed and can focus on truly connecting to ourselves, our spirituality, and to our community. Practical tips will be provided on: how to food combine; and how to chart/categorize food.

Workshop 14 – Drawing in the Good: Discovering Your Resiliency through Art
Presented Joanna Potkanska
Through a beginning mindfulness exercise, we will locate a place within ourselves that embodies our feminine strength and wisdom. Through abstract creativity, this newfound self will be transferred onto paper through fun, exploration and support of one another. Absolutely NO experience required. Just bring your curiosity.
*Note: This workshop requires participants to bring brushes, paints and a canvas/or paper.

Communal Cooking 3 – Making the Perfect Veggie Burger
Facilitated By Gabriela Flores
Join me in making a vegetarian version of people’s favourite food…a burger!! High in protein and nutrients, with delicious flavours and spices to be devoured alone, in a bun or a wrap. Learn the secrets and tips to making the perfect patty and be amazed how easy it is to create beautiful colours, smells and tastes on a dinner plate.

Session 5 – Sunday – 9:45 – 11:15am

Workshop 15 – How Do YOU Want to Feel? Desire Mapping
Presented By Gillian Mandich
Most life-planning tools focus on external attainment and results. Which is valuable. Getting results is what moves your life forward. Except that most goal-setting systems fail to harness the most powerful driver behind any aspiration: your preferred feelings; and they foster an uptight determination that can keep us from the vitality we crave. The Desire Map program is changing all of that. You could call it holistic life-planning. The inner meets the outer. The spirit drives the material. In this workshop we will reflect on the weekend and opening up some dialogue — from the sacredness to the practicalities of core desired feelings, goal setting, gratitude as a practice and more! We will come together in communion and conversation to dig a little deeper and get clear about how we want to feel!
*Note: Please bring paper, drawing pencils, journal, paints and brushes, craft supplies if you have them.

Workshop 16 – Yoga, Soul & Food
Presented By Claudia Alvarez-Vega
Eating disorders are multi-factorial. So many things are involved in what makes us eat, not eat or overeat but it is the tools we use once we realize we are in this painful rollercoaster that help us to recover the broken pieces of our lives and our hearts. I am not an eating disorder expert. I don’t have a degree in psychology or nutrition. I can’t give you a magic solution to your relationship with food. What I am offering you is my true and honest testimonial on how I have been able to overcome the challenges of this painful addiction through my physical and spiritual tools such as my yoga practice, my faith, my love for animals and plants, my inspirational books and quotes, my passion for singing, dancing and writing and believe it or not my joy for cooking after such a dysfunctional relationship with food. In this yoga class, I will teach you yoga poses and share my favorite food recipes and tell you how they have helped me to overcome my emotional cravings, weaving the breath and the movement to feel the connection between mind and body. I will also throw some Kundalini breathing techniques in to bring joy to your heart and soul and along the way you will hear some of my favorite quotes that remind me my worth as a human being.
*Note: Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.

Workshop 17 – Sensing the Call of Spirit
Presented By Judy Morgan
This workshop is designed to assist those who sense the call of spirit (and those who don’t yet but who want to!) in heightening their spiritual awareness. It is experimental as well as informative to help individuals discover the power and abundant possibilities that spirit assistance can bring! Through guided meditation and practical exercise you will learn how to trust and strengthen your link with spirit to receive insight and symbols clearly and understand the meaning.

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