Hoping to land a gift certificate?


While we hold your spot at our Bliss Weekend February 19-21, why not drop the hint that you would LOVE a gift certificate to a Bliss Weekend?

Try an email something like this…

“Honey-poo, schnookems, sweetheart –

As much as I am looking forward to all the same things as last year in my stocking – I thought I might give you a hint this year. Not that you need it, love.

Here is a gift that will guarantee a happy wife. Send me away – for a Bliss Weekend! It’s just women. We cry a lot. And we cook and wash dishes. You wouldn’t want to come. Trust me.

I’ll come home happy. I’ll come home excited to “you know”. It’s worth the money.

The way I see it. It’s easy math. Happy wife = Happy Life. For you.

Just go here: http://www.blissb4laundry.com/gift-certifcates/  Buy me a gift certificate. Put it in my stocking. And pretend that Santa knows his shit when it comes to women.

I’ll know who to thank. Trust me.”

Or a Facebook Post Like this…

need help with my giftAnd link it to our website: http://www.blissb4laundry.com/gift-certificates/

What could be better than a weekend away with the girls in 2016, right?

Good luck!