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Hey #ontario #women! Click here to #beintheknow! This is the #weekend #getaway you & your girlfriends are looking for! #leavethelaundryathome

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BlissB4Laundry has only a few spots available & they’re going fast! Register Today #liveyourbliss

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I’m one of the presenters in this amazing #weekend in Sept. Join me & get inspired by the many #women participating

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Follow @gabyandsarah and learn about a #weekend #getaway that will change your life forever #wellness #LiveYourBliss #leavethelaundryathome

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I’m a presenter at Bliss B4 Laundry #wellness weekend for #women. Take a look at mine & the many wonderful workshops

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What happens to our dreams when we ignore our soul? Who hears our heartsong if we’re too busy to listen? #liveyourbliss

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