The Secrets Happy Women Know

All of life is a dance with duality. We cannot know true happiness without experiences of pain and sadness. Nor can we know the serenity of peace without discontentment and conflict. Moving into the lightness that comes with happiness and contentment requires the genuine acknowledgement of our soul’s truest desires and gifts. The road to unpacking and unearthing these truisms can be laden with adversity and challenge, but it needn’t be. Join me as we discover the magic and power of intention, affirmation, mindfulness, gratitude and authentic listening. Hearing our heart-song amidst the chatter of our ego takes courage and self-awareness, while giving it creative license to become our reality opens a whole new level of consciousness where happiness can’t help but come naturally.

Presented By Sarah Hutchison

Sarah HutchisonDiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after the birth of her children, Sarah Hutchison has come through the darkest point of her life to find lasting happiness in a balanced approach. Using spirituality, gratitude, self-expression, generosity and mindfulness, Sarah has discovered the importance of authentic living to the fulfillment of one’s life purpose. She advocates for the wellness of others living with mood disorders through her blog, Roots B4 Branches, and challenges and stretches the worldviews of her students through her business SPARK Global Learning and her newest teaching adventure as a college professor. Sarah’s passion for holistic wellness is expressed through her work with Gabriela Flores to bring you Bliss B4 Laundry.

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