Thank You for Your Saturday-Only Registration!

Thank you! We have received your registration form.

The next step to complete your registration is to pay your Registration Fee.

Your Saturday-Only Registration Fee of $150 Includes:

  • 3 delicious, close-to-earth, vegan/vegetarian meals!
  • FOUR 1.5 hour workshops of your choosing on wellness topics for mind, body and soul
  • Access to private time with a wide variety of wellness practitioners
  • A morning program (6:30-8am) that includes your choice of: meditation, dream share, yoga
  • An evening program that includes laughter, relaxation, community-building and fun!

Please note: If you chose to register for the Passport to Healing on your registration form, you can pay the $55 Passport to Healing Fee at the same time as your Saturday-Only Registration Fee – click below.

To complete your registration:

Pay Now
: Payment is made through PayPal. It’s so simple and secure!  You don’t need a PayPal account, it will give you the option to pay with your credit card as well. Just follow the next three steps and you’re there!!

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