Meet Stephanie

Stephanie HochstetlerStephanie Hochstetler is a Registered Nurse with a passion for holistic healing and a desire to share and teach her fellow medical colleges authentic healing derived from a more natural and gentle approach – that does not simply treat symptoms. Rather it goes to the core root of healing where the focus becomes what is causing these symptoms? Her experience as a cardiovascular nurse, a nurse educator, and a corporate nurse manager allow her to utilize her diverse medical background, making her a credible and integral leader. She addresses holistic energy techniques to further improve wholeness and educate individuals on the personal power they each possess in the healing process. Stephanie is the owner of Better Health Healing where she combines her nursing knowledge with holistic modalities that significantly benefit physical ailments as well as emotional traumas. She empowers individuals to let go of the false beliefs that no longer serve them and that have contributed to their dis-ease. Stephanie’s firm belief in the power of energy medicine combined with forgiveness, and the transformation that occurs in individuals as a result, works to enhance the lives of all her clients!

Stephanie’s Workshop at Bliss

You are What You Think!

Girls! Let it go! LET….IT….GO! RELEASE the HURTS, the ANGER, the TRAUMAS, and the BLAMING. Your past does not define who you are, or who you are to become! It does not define your self-worth! I can show you how to let go of the false beliefs you’ve held onto as truths, and how you have been living based on a false belief system. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! So I ask you, what do you think of yourself, your family, or others? Do you believe, I mean really believe, that you are special? Loved? Valuable? Good enough? Do you live AUTHENTIC to who you are? Do you spend time wondering what others might think of you or the choices you’ve made?

Journey with me as I share with you holistic techniques that utilize the power of forgiveness to improve and completely change the way you think of yourself, others and even the world! ELIMINATE the LIES you’ve told yourself, or perhaps the lies you learned from others. Ladies! We are all AMAZING, and each of us are DEVINE CREATIONS! Leave this workshop being more like the authentic individual you are! Allow me to show you how to LET GO of what no longer serves you and how to FORGIVE! I PROMISE you, it will AMAZING!


Won’t you join me?! I look forward to seeing you there!

Stephanie’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Heal Your Emotional Hurts

Allow me to identify core root emotions that have contributed to your hurts or perhaps unhealthy choices in life. I will utilize techniques to release them and then allow forgiveness to transform your hurts into healing, love and even gratitude! I promise you. It is amazing!!

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Stephanie



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