Special Limited-Time Offer!

$30 Off When You Register With a Friend! Take Advantage of This Special Offer!
Until September 10, 2014

Register for Bliss B4 Laundry with a friend by September 10, 2014 and we will give you both $30 off the Regular Registration Fee!

To Take Advantage of this Special Offer:

STEP 1: Go to our Registration Page and follow the instructions. You will be asked on the Registration Form if you are participating in the offer – check yes! Then include the name of your friend in the box provided.

STEP 2: After you submit your Registration Form the links will bring you to our Shopping Cart. Once there, go into the ‘For Participants’ folder and choose the $30 off Registration Fee ($240).

NOTE: This special offer applies only to NEW registrations from September 3 to September 10. So if you are joining a friend who has previously registered you are eligible for the discount, but unfortunately if we have already processed your friend’s registration then they are not eligible (but chances are they got the Early Bird Price – so they’re all good!)


Click Here to Register

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