Sheena Bounsanga

Sheena BounsangaShe is a stress busting, toe pinching, soul activating, reiki woo woo. She’s also a libido boostin’, anxiety crunchin’, tree hugging, hippie loving, techno listening, (sometimes) fast food eating, often swearing, in search of A LITTLE FREAKIN’ ZEN, mindful mama. As a mindfulness coach, certified reflexologist and reiki practitioner she works with stressed out mamas and help them find some calm amidst the chaos.

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Workshop Presentation:
Mindful Mamas: Finding Calm Amidst the Chaos
You’re a stressed out mama with a mile-long to do list. You’ve noticed your kids are acting out and your teenager is withdrawn and distant. This isn’t what you want and you know it can’t continue. The reality is, in this crazy, over-scheduled, instant gratification world, it can be hard to find a sliver of peace. Trust me, I know – I’m the mama of a very active family, too. But I want you to know it is possible to find some balance, and you don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn and “ohm” on a meditation cushion to achieve it. Join me for a mindfulness workshop specifically geared for busy mamas that want to create more zen for not only themselves but for their entire families. Learn mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress and increase focus. Learn how Mindful Kids can create calm, confident kids, by immediately implementing the mindfulness tools that you acquired at the Mindful Mamas workshop. This is a hands-on workshop, with lots of great take home material. Mindful mamas create mindful kids and mindful families.

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