Meet Sandra

Sandra PhotoSandra Valks is a results-oriented corporate trainer and teacher who works effectively with both individual and group clients. She is a communications specialist with exceptional presentation and interpersonal skills enhanced by a successful career in the financial planning and life insurance industry. Sandra has coached local politicians, professionals, students, young children, individual employees and employee teams in effective communication and professional presentation. By using experiential methods, constructive criticism and clear instruction in her training procedures, Sandra has produced outstanding results for her clients.

Her Prison Toastmaster Club is a resounding success with over 10 years of challenging inmates to find their voices and transform their lives.  If they can find the courage to speak up effectively, so can you!  Sandra brings decades of stage experience to her passion of helping others learn while laughing, experimenting and sharing.  She has been known to burst into song at the slightest provocation!  She was even a singing waitress!  Discover the power of your personal ‘stage’ presence. Be sure to spend time with Sandra to ‘find your voice’ and transform YOUR confidence into personal empowerment!  You’ll find out it was all an ‘inside job’!

Sandra’s Workshop at Bliss

Confidence Building – While Laughing and Learning – Speaking and Singing

Explore fun and confidence as we learn to relax and ‘BE OURSELVES’, while speaking, listening and even thinking on our feet. We will learn to stand, claim our space, and find our voice. In this experiential workshop, we will use music, poetry and story to add our natural talents into our own talk – transforming our confidence level in ALL areas of our lives – whether at home, work or play!  Sandi Boucher, author of Honorary Indian states: “Confidence is INTOXICATING for those who SEEK it, and It is a BLESSING to those who FIND it.”

Feel free to bring a favourite poem or short reading that you’d like to share! Be ready to enjoy some music too. DON’T WORRY! With effective communication, it’s all FUN in the PRACTISING! Your take-away? Freedom to be yourself!

Sandra’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Playing with Speaking and/or Vocals – Delivering Effectively

Learn to deliver effectively to engage your audience of one or 100. Practice the fundamentals of Engaging Vocals or Effective Speaking Delivery, while building confidence and creating stage presence. Bring your own specific challenges. Immediate feedback helps YOU grow in self- empowerment! That’s CONFIDENCE!

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Sandra

Laugh & Learn Enterprises has been developed out of Sandra’s extensive Toastmaster work and teaching experience. It complements Valks Financial so that people become effective in communications whether for presentation skills or for comfort in sharing across generations about sensitive topics, especially money and emotions.

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