Registration Fees

A wellness retreat for someone other than the rich and famous?!

We have worked hard to be affordable so that we are as accessible as possible to everyday women. Your registration fee includes all of this super stuff:

  • 6 yummy-in-your-tummy, close-to-the-earth, vegan/vegetarian meals
  • 2 nights rustic accommodations (think cabins, bunk beds, friends old and new!)
  • Workshops on wellness topics for mind, body and soul
  • Morning programs to start the day – like meditation, dream share, or yoga
  • Evening programs that include laughter, relaxation, community-building and fun!

Registration Fees

Early Bird Registration:      Ranges from $250 – $400  (depending on the location)
Available to the first 25 women who register. Price includes HST.

Regular Registration:          Ranges from $300 – $450 (depending on the location)
Price includes HST.

Saturday Only:                      Ranges from $200 – $250  (depending on the location)
Includes all programming/meals on Saturday, no accommodation. Price includes HST.

Optional Add-Ons

Bliss Bursary:                         $10
Pay a little more for your registration fee so that a woman who needs a little extra help with her fee can attend. Thank you, thank you for this kindness.
(Payable at the time of registration)

One-to-One Sessions:         $45 per 30-minute session
—————————————-Buy Two Special – $75 for 2 sessions
—————————————-Buy Three Special – $105 for 3 sessions
These wellness sessions give you an opportunity to dig deeper and focus on issues of real importance to you with the experienced practitioner(s) of your choosing. 


Need to Cancel?
Read about our cancellation policy here.

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