Registration Fee – Saturday Only

 Life is busy, but you can get away for a day – yay!

Sometimes there are just too many balls in the air to leave for a whole weekend. That’s why we have the option to join us just for the day.

Saturday is jam-packed at Bliss B4 Laundry! It’s a good day to come.

Your Saturday-Only Registration Fee of $150 includes:

  • 3 delicious, close-to-the-earth, vegan/vegetarian meals
  • FOUR 1.5 hour workshops of your choosing on wellness topics for mind, body and soul
  • A morning program that includes your choice of meditation, dream share, or yoga
  • An evening program that includes laughter, relaxation, community-building and fun!
  • The day starts at 6:30am and goes until 10pm at night. Please join us for it all!

Optional Add-Ons

Passport to Healing:           $55
The Passport to Healing includes FOUR 15-minute sessions with the practitioners of your choosing. Read more here
(Payable at the time of registration)

Bliss Bursary:                         $10
Pay a little more for your registration fee so that a woman who needs a little extra help with her fee can attend. Thank you, thank you for this kindness.
(Payable at the time of registration)

One-to-One Sessions:         Price dependent upon the practitioner/treatment/session
These wellness sessions give you an opportunity to dig deeper and focus on issues of real importance to you with the experienced practitioner(s) of your choosing. Read more here
(Payable at the event)


Need to Cancel?
Read about our cancellation policy here.

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