Refer the Women in Your Life and Get a Discount!

The majority of women who find their way to a Bliss weekend do so because someone they know referred them to us! We want to honour this word-of-mouth kindness with a kindness of our own!

$10 Rebate or Discount
For each woman you refer to Bliss that registers for a weekend, we will rebate you $10 off your own registration or provide you with a $10 coupon for a future weekend registration. The more women you refer, the bigger the discount you get!

How do I participate as a referrer?
Simply invite all the women in your life to learn about Bliss B4 Laundry Wellness Weekends for Women! Ask them to give your name and email when they register online for the weekend. And voila! Once we have processed your friend’s registration, we will contact you via email to determine if you would like to receive a $10 rebate or coupon. And that’s it!

What is the difference between a rebate and a coupon?
If you have already registered for a weekend, we will rebate you $10 in cash at the weekend itself. Or if you wish to register for a future weekend, we will send you a $10 to be redeemed when you pay your online registration.

Can I refer as many women as I want?
Yes! The more the merrier. Please use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, email, phone calls, shouting-from-the-roof-tops – whatever works! The wider you send the message, the greater the chance one of the women in your life will register for the weekend and give you credit for the referral. Each woman that successfully registers as a result of your referral is another $10 in your pocket! So remember to explain the referral program to all you invite and ask that they give your name and email when they register.

Can I just keep doing this forever and ever?
Unfortunately no. This offer is running from September 4 to 18, 2015. So get shouting from the roof tops today!!

Some good ideas for how to refer…

  • Go to our Facebook page and ‘share’ one of our posts with your friends
  • Tweet a link to our Register page
  • Send a personal email invitation to the women you think would love Bliss
  • Post our promotional video on your social networks
  • Invite your friends to come to a Bliss weekend using our Facebook event pages:
    Camp Kawartha / Circle Square Ranch
  • Hang our poster at your workplace, church or community centre
  • Tell all your friends and loved ones by shouting it from the rooftops!

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