Presenters – Camp Kawartha 2014

Claudia Alverez-Vega

Claudia Alvarez-Vega
Claudia was born and raised in Mexico city, and moved to Canada 15 years ago. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science but her profession has never taken her breath away. She realized early in her career that she was not going to continue on that path so she started doing some freelance writing and became acquainted with topics that are close to her real passions: yoga, emotional healing and spiritual and physical nourishment. She has been a food addict for more than 30 years, bouncing back and forth between bulimia, anorexia and compulsive overeating. Food has been her drug of choice to cope with her messy life. Even today that her life is much better, she relapses once in a while but has learned to forgive and love herself in order to move forward and not look back feeling guilty, worthless, powerless and hopeless.
Claudia’s Workshop

dana leclair_circleDana-Lee LeClair
Dana-Lee wanted to be a registered massage therapist since she graduated from high school in 1998. But then life happened and she was only able to take a body massage course in 2000. Then in 2007 she had the opportunity to go back for RMT and has been working in this field ever since. She has learned a great deal since starting but feels her skills as a woman who’s been through some great hardship can provide my clients with much needed stress relief, hope and healing of all kinds. “Allow me to help you heal physically, emotionally and mentally…”
Dana-Lee’s Sessions

Diana SteadmanDiana Steadman
As a mother of two young boys and a public health nurse Diana is passionate about healthy eating. With growing concerns of climate change she moved towards a mainly plant-based diet as a means of achieving reduction in her family’s carbon emissions and achieving an improvement in their health. She loves being in the kitchen combining fresh flavours and ingredients sourced from her extra large veggie patch out back. As a busy working mother she recognizes that finding balance is important. She won’t always be able to put that ideal meal on the table and that’s alright. She’ll get back at it tomorrow. That’s the thing about food, the next meal is right around the corner.
Diana’s Communal Cooking Session

Elena RossiElena Rossi
Elena Rossi, Msc ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor working in private practice in downtown Toronto where she owns and operates an integrative health clinic. She treats a range of health concerns, with a special interest in mental health conditions – especially eating disorders, sleep disorders, mood disorders, trauma recovery, and addictions. She uses clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy, while emphasizing depth psychology as a cornerstone for healing. Dreamwork is used as a primary tool in treatment, forming a foundation to support each patient’s unique and personal process of recovery.
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Elena’s Sessions

Gabriela FloresGabriela Flores
Gabriela has a heart of a Latina, a mind of a Canadian, and a spirit that belongs to the world. After spending a number of years moving around the globe, she decided to come back “home” to Toronto. The year 2013 gave her a chance to re-group and re-launch her life. Her heart has always known that her purpose in life is to help others whether it’s at a community or individual level. She’s made it a mission to find ways to transform the human body from deprivation to abundance. Her passion is food: to get in the kitchen and experiment with new ingredients to make them delicious, nourishing and extract their power to heal.
Gabriela’s Communal Cooking Sessions

Gerri BirdGerri Bird
Gerri is an evolving artist interested in exploiting human potential, and creating authentic photographs of amazing people. She is also a licensed consulting hypnotist, and an intuitive and empathic healer. She has been the owner of a photographic studio for 10 years.
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Gerri’s Workshop & Sessions

Gillian MandichGillian Mandich
Gillian Mandich is currently completing her doctoral studies at Western University in Health and Rehabilitation Science. She is a certified yoga and Yoga Tune Up® teacher, co-hosts the health/fitness podcast and TV show “The Holistic Health Diary”; contributes to numerous print and online media including Chatelaine, Oxygen, Sweat Equity, Mind Body Green, Inside Fitness, and STRONG; is a Desire Map Book Club leader, and is the president of the Western Chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network.
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Gillian’s Workshop

Joanna Potkanska
Joanna’s work is about healing various types of trauma and emotional injuries, helping women to overcome coping strategies that no longer serve them, thereby reconfiguring themselves and their lives. Her experience includes working with trauma, emotional injuries, addictions and eating disorders in community and hospital settings, as well as in private practice with a Clinical Psychologist.   Her goal is to offer women a sense of Grounding, Healing and Hope. Joanna’s Workshop & Sessions

Judy MorganJudy Morgan
Judy Morgan is a Spiritualist/Metaphysical minister, teacher and Intuitive counselor. She has been practicing mediumship and spiritual intuitiveness for over 25 years. Judy is passionate about spiritual awareness and development, and considers herself a life- long student of the intuitive arts. She continues to pursue advanced training with world class teachers to inspire and encourage others to discover their own natural intuitive gifts and spiritual abilities.
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Judy’s Workshop & Sessions

Lesley DionissopoulosLesley Dionissopoulos
As a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Aromatherapy, Energy Healing and Holistic Health Coaching, Lesley Dionissopoulos realized the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection. Having been in the Health and Wellness industry for two decades Lesley brings forth a wealth of knowledge with a focus on the balance and connection of the mind body spirit. Currently Lesley is excited to introduce essential oils; which in their pure form aiding in the healing of this trinity. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and healing abilities.
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Lesley’s Workshop & Sessions

Lesley HalcroLesley Halcro
Lesley holds a 350-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate (RYT-200), graduating from the EWYT program in early 2006. She will complete her Cancer Exercise Specialist certification in 2014. Lesley’s classes are taught in the classical Hatha tradition, focusing on a blend of postures, conscious breathing, and meditation – to relax, rejuvenate and enhance mind/body awareness.
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Lesley’s Workshop & Sessions

Louisa PucciLouisa Pucci
Louisa Pucci first discovered yoga in 1997 through Belly Dance as one of her senior teachers was also a Hatha yoga instructor. Working through injuries her yoga practice was always there as a guide to clearly reveal the truth about how remarkable and self healing the body and mind connection really is. She quickly fell in love with the practice. As it continued to provide endless opportunities to learn and grow, Louisa decided to train and learn more. She did her training at Yoga Space in Toronto, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Flow with Bibi Hahn, Prenatal with Sasha Pedron, and Ayurveda with Matthew Remski. With love and gratitude she makes room and holds space for anyone curious about the grace and beauty of practicing yoga.
Louisa’s Morning Yoga Session

Lynda Sutherland-TaylorLynda Sutherland-Taylor
Although Lynda did not understand it, a “knowing” was her companion throughout her childhood and teenage years. When Lynda was 35 years old, she met Debbie, a wonderful woman and medium. They became fast and true friends. Debbie’s Chakra Meditation course changed Lynda’s life forever. She came to understand what she “knew” all along. Lynda believes she’s merely a conduit for the universe’s loving and healing energy, assisted in the healings by her spirit guides and angels. She’s grateful for their abundance of love and blessings. Lynda is an Energy Healer. She has completed the four levels of the “Non-Traditional” Reiki and the three levels of the “Ushi Traditional” Reiki Methods. She received attunements in the Karuna Method and she’s now an “Advanced Reiki Master”.
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Lynda’s Workshop & Sessions

logocircleMari Palhares
Percussionist Mari Palhares moved to Toronto from Sao Paulo, Brazil at the age of 19. Her interest in percussion led her to Maracatu (Afro-Brazilian percussion) at 17 years old. In 2007, when she moved to Toronto, she immediately joined Maracatu Baque de Bamba, founded by Aline Morales (lead singer/director of the drumming troupe). Mari has since become co-leader, teacher and producer of Baque de Bamba, as well as a well known artist within and beyond the Brazilian community in Toronto.
Mari’s Workshop

Michelle LallMichelle Lall
Michelle Lall is a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Educator based in Toronto, Canada. Her goal is to inspire you to take your health into your own hands through nutrition and food. Nutrition and food have the power to rebuild and heal the body thereby promoting health and wellness – it is Michelle’s goal to show you how.
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Michelle’s Workshop & Sessions

Paula StablefordPaula Stableford
Paula Stableford has been guided and connected to the Spiritual energy around since childhood. What others describe as psychic and mediumship; Paula simply refers to as intuition and the ability to channel universal healing energy. Connecting with client’s loved ones, answering questions on past, present, future and guiding others on their life path is a passion that she brings to her clients. She has been seeing clients for energy healing, personal readings and group readings for almost 9 years now. Paula also practices  Reiki healing and most recently has been guided to help others with positive redirection in their life, connecting to their own intuition and teaching others how to let go of past pain and live more presently in their lives. Her message is “hope” and hopes that each client leaves with knowing that they are the true guide to their own internal peace and healing. Destiny is what happens around you; free will is what you decide to do about it.
Paula’s Workshop & Sessions

Sarah HutchisonSarah Hutchison
Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after the birth of her children, Sarah Hutchison has come through the darkest point of her life to find lasting happiness in a balanced approach. Using spirituality, gratitude, self-expression, generosity and mindfulness, Sarah has discovered the importance of authentic living to the fulfillment of one’s life purpose. She advocates for the wellness of others living with mood disorders through her blog, Roots B4 Branches, and challenges and stretches the worldviews of her students through her business SPARK Global Learning and her newest teaching adventure as a college professor. Sarah’s passion for holistic wellness is expressed through her work with Gabriela Flores to bring you Bliss B4 Laundry.
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Sarah’s Workshops

Sian WilsonSian Wilson
Sian is an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT200) and have continued in her yoga education to include teachings in Ayurveda and nutrition. She currently teaches yoga in Ennismore and Peterborough. She has been a professional singer for 30 years and has been teaching singing lessons for the past 5 years.
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Sian’s Workshop & Sessions

Vaishali PatelVaishali Patel
Vaishali Patel is a private practice psychotherapist working in Downtown Toronto who has waged a personal and professional battle against Superwoman Syndrome. She received her Master’s Degree in Community Counseling at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro (UNCG), and currently holds certification with The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She has been counselling since 2003, and worked in the field of Employee Assistance Programming (EAP) for more than six of those years, gaining experience and a greater understanding of the importance of work life balance, and overall wellness of individuals.
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Vaishali’s Workshop & Sessions

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