Presenters at Christie Lake Camp

Learn From These AMAZING Women!

We are blessed to have so many talented and inspirational women join us as presenters at Christie Lake Camp, June 12-14!

presenter; practitioner; photographer; women's retreat; women's weekend; women's getaway; wellness; women; self help; spiritualityGerri Bird is an evolving artist interested in harnessing human potential, and creating authentic photographs of amazing people. She is also a licensed consulting hypnotist, and an intuitive and empathic healer. She has been the owner of a photographic studio for 10 years.

Read about Gerri’s Workshop at Christie Lake


presenter; practitioner; sex therapy; sex counselling; wellness weekend; women's retreat; women's weekend; spirituality; self helpKaren B. K. Chan is a sex and emotional literacy educator in Toronto. She’s dedicated to cultivating ease, self-acceptance, and empathy. BK works with parents, couples, families, and organizations to improve relationships, resolve conflicts, and reduce relational stress. She has taught empathy and sex ed for 18+ years. BK is known for her quirky sense of humour, and loved for making challenging topics feel easy.

Her 5-minute YouTube video “Jam” (which likens sexuality to musical jamming) has received over 70,000 hits and is used as a teaching resource internationally. She recently authored a chapter on sex and creativity in Carl Franken’s anthology “Secrets of the Sex Masters”, and a number of online articles on gender equity, pleasure, sexuality, and sex-positive parenting. In 2014, BK was awarded “Service Provider of the Year” by Planned Parenthood of Toronto, which both humbled and encouraged her immensely.

Read about Karen’s Workshop and One-to-One Sessions at Christie Lake

Presenter; women's weekend; women's retreat; wellness practitioner; wellness; women; getaway; spiritualJennifer Foster is a Spiritual Teacher, Self-Help Guru, Vibrational Energy Healer and Intuitive/Medium. After years of self-sabotaging ways due to sexual abuse in childhood, Jennifer L Foster, turned her life around through Reiki, her connection to Spirit and her love of crystals.

Surrounded by her beautiful children, loving husband, supportive friends and family she regained her own power and began embracing her life with an attitude of joy and gratitude.

After a trip to the emergency room following several panic attacks and very low energy, Jennifer decided to see an intuitive energy healer and has never looked back. She was told that she herself was an empath and a healer. This shocking revelation led her to begin healing her past and the emotional pain attached to it by balancing her chakras through energy work.

She is now trained in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing Techniques and (through personal experience) Self-Help Methods.

Read about Jenn’s Workshop and One-to-One Sessions at Christie Lake

presenter; practitioner; writing; journalling; wellness weekend; women's retreat; women's weekend; wellness; women; workshops; self help; spiritualityTreena Hill loves to write and is the co-founder of the Cramahe Community Writers’ Group. When she’s not at her part time job in the kitchen of her local hospital, she is taking care of her husband, her two children and her four fur kids. A new found love of yoga and meditation has become a big part of her life, helping her to find balance between body, mind and soul as she suffers from depression. Treena is currently working on new ideas for other workshops to aid in inspiring and empowering the women around her to help them find their inner light.

Read about Treena’s Workshop at Christie Lake


presenter; womens weekend; womens retreat; spirituality; Bliss B4 Laundry; Bliss Weekend; women; girlfriends; getawayPat Kammer is a spiritual teacher and student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) since 1988. She has been on a spiritual path for over 60 years.

She is a naturally creative, curious person, dabbling in many mediums from painting, needle felting, sculpture to cake decorating, drawing and lately doing zentangles.

Her greatest accomplishment besides being a mom, grandmother and a great grandmother, is publishing her first book, Love’s Voice and her second book, Hello Awesome based on asking and hearing answers from Spirit.

Currently she does hypnosis sessions and teaches ACIM weekly.

Read about Pat’s Workshop and One-to-One Sessions at Christie Lake

Kathy LeeKathy Lee is a Yoga Instructor and Studio Manager at the Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto.

Nature, celebration and connection are three threads that weave throughout Kathy Lee’s life. Yoga arrived in Kathy’s life following a back injury, which left her feeling fearful of surgery and incapable of participating in her favourite outdoor activities without pain. Deciding to postpone surgery Kathy began attending regular yoga classes. Letting go of fear and allowing for slow and gradual physical improvement over a number of years eventually led Kathy to wholeheartedly complete her yoga teacher training in 2013. She now shares her experience and compassion in her work as the Manager and yoga teacher at The Yoga Sanctuary Danforth.

Kathy also spent 12 years living with her husband in an intentional community where they shared the joys of planning and preparing weekly meals and celebrations for up to 75 children and adults. She also worked in her community as a consensus facilitator; organic gardener with a weekly market; and as an environmental educator for a non-profit grassroots group dedicated to protecting a local river.

Kathy believes that yoga invites us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, which then ripples outwards in all directions connecting us to others, to the earth, to the universe.

Read about Kathy’s Workshop at Christie Lake

Presenter SonyaDr. Sonya Nobbe is a Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Kingston Integrated Healthcare Inc., an integrative health facility of 10 health professionals. She believes strongly in a healthcare model that applies the strengths of multiple approaches for the benefit of the patient. KIHC patients are encouraged to explore their beliefs about wellness and develop a healthcare team that will support them on their health journey.

Sonya acquired her license to practice Naturopathic Medicine following 4 years of undergraduate study in Biology at Queen’s University and 4 years of professional graduate study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, which is one of two Canadian schools eligible to grant the designation of ND. She maintains membership with the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, and is licensed by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

Sonya enjoys writing unique health articles that encourage readers to explore underlying causes of their health concerns and the integrative nature of health and the environment.

Read about Sonya’s Workshop at Christie Lake

womens weekend; women's retreat; wellness; practitioner; presenter; women; spirituality; self help; getawayKita Szpak is a professional publicist and writer whose promotion of artists such as Alan Jackson, Jo Dee Messina, Matt Dusk and Andrea Martin, showcases in Memphis and Nashville, and event spectacles like Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson World Tour, have given her first-hand experience with what it takes to be successful.

Ironically, the opposite happened in Kita’s personal life. Two marriage breakdowns and the awful feeling of not being able to fit in anywhere prompted Kita to search out the whole idea of happiness. It certainly wasn’t finding her.

Kita’s two university degrees, studies and research into philosophy, positive psychology, spirituality, and neuroscience led to the writing of You’re Special Wherever You Are, a U.S. award-finalist children’s book (Kita’s three sons first heard her stories) and later the co-written adult-themed Tipping Point to Happiness. Kita’s latest book The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required sums up the key elements contributing to a happy life once the years of clutter are examined and swept away.

Kita continues to write and contribute to various magazines as well as be interviewed by radio and TV as a “happiness expert”. To find her, look outside. She loves the outdoors and is an avid runner – she just ran the Boston Marathon.

Read about Kita’s Workshop and One-to-One Sessions at Christie Lake

presenter; practitioner; wellness weekend; women's weekend; women's retreat; women's getaway; confidence training; public speaking; spirituality; self helpSandra Valks DTM is an EDUTAINER that has been on stage since the age of 5, singing throughout her local area. She is also a Communications Specialist – with exceptional presentation, interpersonal and communication skills. She has coached local politicians, professionals, students, young children, individual employees and employee teams in effective communication and professional presentation.

Her Prison Toastmaster Club is a resounding success with over 10 years of challenging inmates to find their voices and transform their lives. Sandra brings decades of stage experience to her passion of helping others learn while laughing, and has been known to burst into song at the slightest provocation! She was even a singing waitress! Be sure to spend time with Sandra for some constructive critique and two-way dialogue. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with vocals or speaking and critiquing while gaining valuable insight into your own personal confidence.

Read about Sandra’s Workshop and One-to-One Sessions

presenter; practitioner; wellness; women's weekend; women's retreat; wellness weekend; girlfriends; wellness; self help; spirituality; yogaPerri van Rossem is the owner of the Living Yoga Studio. She is a Yoga Teacher, a Therapist, a Student and a Spiritual Seeker.

In 1990 yoga found Perri. It became immediately obvious that yoga naturally blended Perri’s passion for a healthy, vital body with her philosophical pursuit of understanding the nature of reality, life and the mind.

The emphasis in her teaching remains in breathing and the fundamentals of good body alignment, and mental focus. Perri’s passion for sharing the deep wisdom of the ancient philosophy of Yoga takes her classes beyond the physical practice alone. She considers Yoga to be a practical philosophy that offers tools to assist us on our everyday journey through life. To think of yoga as an exercise system for the body alone is underestimating and limiting yoga’s overall potential. Perri imbues her classes with a blend of physical, mental and spiritual teachings.

“When we free the body, and release the mind, we allow ourselves to let go of all that no longer serves us.”

Read about Perri’s Workshop at Christie Lake

presenter; practitioner; wellness weekend; women's retreat; women's weekend; self help; reiki; spirituality; wellness; weekend away; getawayJacynthe (Jaz) Villemaire is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach. After graduating from University, she built a successful career in communications and training development with the Government of Canada. But although the salary and benefits were excellent, there was a big piece missing: her creative, caring and intuitive heart could not find a meaningful outlet and got lost in all the paper trails and policies. She painfully discovered that no matter your business drive, your social success or the amount of your knowledge, if you don’t follow the calling of your heart you will feel empty and dissatisfied. Being out of alignment with your heart’s desire brings stress, tension, depression and physical aches and pains. Enough was enough.

In December of 2013, she took the biggest leap of faith and quit her job to create the soulfully inspired life she desired – and she has not regretted it one bit.

Jaz is an avid and constant student of Life. She studied with masters in Canada, the USA and Brazil. She loves to take her dog, Maya, for leisurely walks near the St. Lawrence River, and she travels as often as possible. For her 40th birthday, she celebrated by trekking solo in London, UK to soak up the historical – and modern – vibes of that wonderful city.

Her services include various practices of Reiki, soul coaching, Chakradance, intuitive readings, Akashic records, tarot and oracle readings. Jaz teaches women how to live a joyful and inspired life by tapping into their intuition and clearing the hang-ups based on fear and self-worth issues.

Read about Jaz’s Workshop and One-to-One Session at Christie Lake

presenter; practitioner; women's weekend; women's retreat; wellness weekend; spirituality; self help; workshops; getawayMichelle Vodrazka is a holistic nutritionist and exercise coach, cookbook author and mother of four, whose passion is teaching people how they can transform their lives through nutrition and exercise. Michelle has written two cookbooks, Smart Snacking for Sports and Help Yourself to Seconds. Michelle loves spending time in her kitchen dreaming up new creations and enjoys shares her knowledge of cooking, nutrition and fitness on her blog——

Read about Michelle’s Workshop and One-to-One Sessions at Christie Lake

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