Presenters and Practitioners at Mansfield

Meet Julie

Julie Lockhart-Thompson circleJulie Lockhart-Thompson is the proverbial holistic junkie: a free-spirited, glitter-toting, tree-hugging dreamer who takes great pleasure skipping, laughing and dancing through life’s puddles. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Leader, Dance Our Way Home Facilitator, Life Coach and Artist. She firmly believes in healing the whole person: mind, body and spirit, and takes great pleasure in aiding people on their spiral journey through life. Join her and embrace your inner jewels today!

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Meet Sarah

Sarah HutchisonSarah Hutchison is a self-proclaimed spiritual junkie. From an early age, she has felt a strong connection to both her Higher Self and the Other Side. Trained in Reiki and Mediumship, she works in tandem with her mother, Donna, to give unique readings and sessions. While Donna channels Universal love and healing using Reiki, Sarah communicates with Spirit to receive messages from loved ones, guides and angels. It is a beautiful partnership.

As part of her spiritual practice, Sarah enjoys the insights, deep relaxation and connection to Spirit that comes with meditation. Recently accepting a position to teach Wellness and Meditation at Loyalist College has been a source of great joy and satisfaction for Sarah. Combining her training as an Ontario Certified Teacher with her life’s passion for spirituality has truly been a gift.

As Co-Founder and Co-Director, with Gabriela Flores, Sarah regards Bliss B4 Laundry as one of her greatest achievements in life.

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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth EwanchukElizabeth Ewanchuk loves climbing rocks and trees, feeling the sun’s warmth on her face and squishing soil between her toes. When she’s not climbing, cycling or getting bendy on her yoga mat, you’ll likely find her in the kitchen concocting something yummy. Either that or tormenting her three very naughty feline roommates.

Always fascinated by the interconnectedness of life, she tackled her own health challenges holistically and now shares her wisdom as a Sports Injury Specialist, where she weaves traditional healing methods with modern science to help athletes reach peak performance.

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Meet Kathy

Kathy LeeKathy Lee is a Yoga Instructor and Studio Manager at the Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto.

Nature, celebration and connection are three threads that weave throughout Kathy Lee’s life. Yoga arrived in Kathy’s life following a back injury, which left her feeling fearful of surgery and incapable of participating in her favourite outdoor activities without pain. Deciding to postpone surgery Kathy began attending regular yoga classes. Letting go of fear and allowing for slow and gradual physical improvement over a number of years eventually led Kathy to wholeheartedly complete her yoga teacher training in 2013. She now shares her experience and compassion in her work as the Manager and yoga teacher at The Yoga Sanctuary Danforth.

Kathy also spent 12 years living with her husband in an intentional community where they shared the joys of planning and preparing weekly meals and celebrations for up to 75 children and adults. She also worked in her community as a consensus facilitator; organic gardener with a weekly market; and as an environmental educator for a non-profit grassroots group dedicated to protecting a local river.

Kathy believes that yoga invites us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, which then ripples outwards in all directions connecting us to others, to the earth, to the universe.

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie HerreraStephanie Herrera’s work in the arts has led to nominations for a Latin American Achievement Award and a Canadian Comedy Award.  In 2012 she won the “Business for the Arts” award from the Scugog Arts Council, the “Business of the Year” award from the Durham Home and Small Business Association, the Creative Arts Award for “Best Entertainment” in Durham Region and was given a “Citizen of Distinction” award from Community Living for her work with adults special needs.Stephanie has performed in a plethora of film, commercials, theatre, improv and sketch shows, including “Tony ‘N Tina’s Wedding” at Second City and as a main-stage performer of TheatreSports Toronto. She was the co-host on the Rogers TV show “Hurry up love” and was the community producer and host of “Stephanie’s Comedy Chat” as well as “A night of Comedy with Colin Mochrie”.Stephanie recently expanded her Durham Improv school and now, (with a roster of 4 additional teachers), she is officially an “Acting Studio” where they continue their comedy shows as well as their workshops for kids, adults, corporations and schools in all forms of comedy, stage, film and TV.

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Meet Miss Jada

Miss-Jada_circleHaving worked as an elite adult entertainer for over a decade, Miss Jada has developed a phenomenal skill set that you just can’t learn from a book. Her experience and understanding of men, and the women surrounding them, has helped her navigate, dissect and get around issues pertaining to women vs. men. Allow Miss Jada to share her knowledge with you and give you insights to the powers you may or may not know you have.

To add to her repertoire, Miss Jada is certified as an ABNLP Practitioner, ABNLP Coach, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, and Hypnotherapy Practitioner. (NLPP, NLPC, TLTP and HntP). She is “a powerful, warm, empowering, and intuitive coach.” If you are looking for real, lasting results in relationships, intimacy or empowerment, Miss Jada is your ideal choice.

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Meet Vaishali

Vaishali PhotoVaishali Patel is a registered psychotherapist working in private practice in Downtown Toronto. She has waged a personal and professional battle against Superwoman Syndrome, the syndrome where a woman spends all of her time, energy, and focus caring for others and depletes herself in the process. In the past decade she has gone through a number of life transitions, nothing tragic or traumatic, but ones that caused her focus on her own wellbeing to shift (marriage, moving, having children, changing jobs). Although she was a therapist the whole time, she found that it was difficult for her to keep an eye on her self care even though she was encouraging others to do so for themselves. She realized that many women with families and careers have similar experiences, and decided to develop a practice that helps women like her move forward when they’ve veered off their paths to wellness. Before private practice she was counselling since 2003 in the field of Employee Assistance Programming (EAP), gaining experience and a greater understanding of the importance of work life balance, and overall wellness of individuals.

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Meet Cara

Cara_Adams_circleIn addition to making her luxurious products and promoting the benefits of healthy skin care, Cara Adams is an accomplished vocal artist. Her diverse performing career spans nearly 20 years and has taken her across the country. She sings opera in five languages and performs on the dramatic stage as well. Most recently, she was cast to sing the lead role in Tales of Hoffman with the Trinidad Opera Company. Her own business, Cara’s All Natural Products is based in Toronto where she lives with her wonderful husband, Justin, who is also a professional opera 2(4)

Cara’s All Natural Products will nourish your skin and delight your senses with their 100% natural products made with the finest ingredients and pure essential Experience how their luxurious creams, lip balms, scrubs, and body butters leave your skin feeling luminous and revitalized!

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