Meet Pat

Pat KammerPat Kammer is a spiritual teacher and student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) since 1988. She has been on a spiritual path for over 60 years.

She is a naturally creative, curious person, dabbling in many mediums from painting, needle felting, sculpture to cake decorating, drawing and lately doing zentangles.

Her greatest accomplishment besides being a mom, grandmother and a great grandmother, is publishing her first book, Love’s Voice and her second book, Hello Awesome based on asking and hearing answers from Spirit.

Currently she does hypnosis sessions and teaches ACIM weekly.

Pat’s Workshop at Bliss

Creating your Perfect Life 

Eliminating past fears and traumas and finding your true self is only the tip of the iceberg in creating your perfect life. Being inspired and using your natural curiosity is what keeps you young and vital. Join me in this exciting workshop where we will release you from fear into a life of expansion and possibilities! You will see a visual demonstration of how thoughts can affect the body and how we ourselves are often not honouring what we really want from life. You will be given tools to create change, be inspired and see new possibilities for your life! You will learn to overcome adversity and drama. And you will learn how to start each new day in a way that will change your life forever. Learn from my experiences and seek to hear the guidance of your Higher Self motivating and calling you to a more significant life outside the box!

Pat’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

KTT Kammer Transformation Technique

This session is a Therapeutic Hypnosis Exploration of one’s past issues and where they are stuck, hurting, grieving or in pain (past lives may be accessed). A person can experience dramatic turnarounds, discover miraculous releases and notice self-punishing and obstructive patterns resolved.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Pat

Love’s Voice Changes You by Pat Kammer

Pat Patters is where Pat Kammer promotes and uses the many philosophies she has learned over the years from ACIM and other teachings such as hypnosis sessions, (KTT) Kammer Transformation Technique, which includes light hypnosis, defusing negative past experiences with EFT, Gestalt, NLP and forgiveness.

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