One-to-One Sessions at Mansfield

Throughout the weekend, participants one to onewill have the opportunity to meet with practitioners privately for 30-minute treatments or sessions. These sessions happen during times of down-time so that participants do not miss workshops in order to attend their private sessions.

Participants pay a fee, in addition to their Registration Fee, for each private session they attend. Sign up, scheduling and payment for these sessions will occur online and during the weekend itself. The sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prices:    $45 per 30-minute session (prices include HST)
Buy Two SPECIAL – $80 for 2 sessions
($40 per session)

Description of One-to-One Sessions at Mansfield

Vaishali Photo

Tapping Your Way Out of Superwoman Syndrome
Vaishali Patel

In Vaishali’s one to one sessions, she will use Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping) to help you dig into some of those pesky symptoms of Superwoman Syndrome such as perfectionism, guilt, and lack of self worth. At the end of the session, you will also learn how to tap on your own at home to continue your growth and healing.

Empower your inner GoddessMiss-Jada_circle
By Miss Jada 

Before I am a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, who I am first is an Empowerment Coach. I work with individuals, bringing out their true power by guiding them away from their ‘story’, showing them how to tap into the most serving and authentic state of being, and into their strategy for plan of action.

Julie Lockhart-Thompson circle

By Julie Lockhart-Thompson

Experience the bliss of relaxation and release while receiving a gentle pressure point massage of the head, hands or feet with Reflexology. Working directly with the energy meridians, nerve endings and zones of the body, Julie will stimulate all of the systems, glands, organs and tissues in the body to aid in healing, stress and pain relief, detoxification and deep relaxation. Balance and restore your body to health.

Esthetic TreatmentsCara_Adams_circle
By Cara Adams

You may choose any 2 of the following: 

Radiance Facial: Exfoliating your face is key to good skin, no matter your skin type. Sit back and relax as I use my Luxury Sandalwood Dry Face Wash to restore your skin to its natural beauty. The gentle formula of colloidal oatmeal and sandalwood powder work together to gently exfoliate, revealing luminous, glowing skin. Your Radiance Facial ends with my beautifully fragrant toner and facial massage using my Luxury Sandalwood Face Cream. *Please come to your facial without make up.

Heavenly Hands:  Your hands will feel ageless and smooth when my scrumptious sugar scrub removes the dry itchiness of winter. Then let the tension of the day slip away as my silky ultra rich cream is massaged into your hands.

Tender Tootsie’s: Your feet take a beating each and every day and they deserve to be pampered too! This sinfully wonderful treatment starts off with a soak in my healing Luxury Rosewood Sandalwood Bath Salts. Pink Himalayan, Dead Sea salt and epsom come together to help draw out toxins, stimulate circulation, and relax those tired feet. My Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub will restore and soothe dry cracked heels and infuse them in moisture with avocado and coconut oils. Treat your tender tootsie’s today!

Thai Massage
By Elizabeth EwanchukElizabeth Ewanchuk

Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that combines acupressure, joint and spine
mobilization along with assisted yoga stretches.  During a session, Elizabeth will guide you through a series of passive stretches and compressions using her palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet.  Depending on what you need, treatments may be very gentle or more intense.  Its flowing, rhythmic motions are both calming and invigorating.  And delicious!

How to Prepare For Your Session
Treatments take place on a large, comfortable mat on the floor.   It’s best to wear clothing that has some give (exercise wear is perfect).  Your body will cool during the session, so be sure to wear long sleeves and pants.

Herbal Heat Therapy
Thai Herbal Therapy brings together the profound healing effects of heat, aromatherapy, massage and herbal medicine. Two grapefruit-­size compresses are used during the treatment:  one is used to massage your body while the other remains in a steamer, allowing for a continuous flow of heat and aroma.  Each compress is filled with fragrant healing herbs and spices. The additional cost for herbal heat therapy is $20, to be paid directly to Elizabeth.  The compresses are yours to keep; Elizabeth will give you a handout on how to store and use them at home.

*Recommended: Book two sessions backto-­back for 60 minutes of bliss!


$45 per 30-minute session (prices include HST)

Buy Two Special – $80 for 2 sessions ($40 per session)

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