One-to-One Sessions at Camp Kawartha

one to oneThroughout the weekend, participants will have the opportunity to meet with practitioners privately for 30-minute treatments or sessions. These sessions happen during times of down-time so that participants do not miss workshops in order to attend their private sessions.

Participants pay a fee, in addition to their Registration Fee, for each private session they attend. Sign up, scheduling and payment for these sessions will occur online and during the weekend itself. The sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration for One-to-One Sessions will open August 25, 2015.

Prices:    $45 per 30-minute session (prices include HST)
————-Buy Two Special – $80 for 2 sessions
($40 per session)————-

Descriptions of One-to-One Sessions at Camp Kawartha

Investigating Your BIG Idea!
by Kita Szpak

Got what it takes to get that big idea, dream off the ground? Take a look at your personality, resources and planning steps with Kita to start off on the right foot.

Nutrition Coaching
by Michelle Vodrazka

During this one-on-one nutrition coaching session, we will work together to assess your current eating habits and challenges. You will be provided with tips and tricks on how you can upgrade your diet and set up your environment in a way that allows you to reach your goals without feeling restricted or having to give up your favourite foods.

Bust Out of the Doldrums
by Jessica Sherman

What you eat affects how you think, feel, act and function. This 30 minute session is for busy women struggling under the weight of the many hats they wear. They will walk away with practical and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle tips to help weather the stress storm that surrounds them so they can feel stronger, think more clearly, sleep better, have more energy and feel more optimistic. Jess is a holistic nutritionist who’s work focuses on mental wellness and resilience for children and mothers. While this session focusses on women’s issues, a separate booking can also be made to talk about your child’s food-related health issues that might be driving you crazy.

The ‘Art’ of Letting Go!
by Lynn LeCorre-Dallaire

Do you carry emotional baggage? Are you a perfectionist wishing to let go of control? Come express your emotions in a fun, free and playful act of ‘letting go’! We often hear the term ‘Let it Go!’ But what does that really mean? Letting go is an opportunity to forgive and forget our past issues or future worries. It can also mean – to let go – to be free and unencumbered, to let go of control or expectations. The artistic process can be an outlet to ‘let go’ in many ways – to be brave and to release our fear of control (and perfectionism).

Express yourself with colour and pattern in the free spirited medium of watercolours. Create a unique mandala design and let go of your worries (on paper) as you watch the magic of watercolours flow over words and worries. This process is metaphorical for how our problems or worries can shape us and become a dominant part of us, or a hidden part of us. Colour meanings will be explored as part of the intuitive process. The end result will be a unique paper weaving of your mandala design.

NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Supplies will be provided.

Intuitive Readings
by Velvet Williamson

Find out what the future holds for you by having an individual psychic reading. Channeling your energy and your guides will bring messages to you that you need to hear. Find out what areas are working, which ones you need to work on and perhaps receive a message from a loved one who has crossed over. All information helps us grow as spiritual and human beings so we can be the best we can be.

Sexuality Coaching
by Karen B.K. Chan

For Individuals: Sexuality and Intimacy Coaching
I provide one-on-one coaching on sexuality and intimacy. Bring your concerns and questions about sexual desire, pleasure, body and anatomy, communicating about sexuality, discomfort, disparity between desire of partners, and sexual creativity.

For Parents: How Do I Talk to My Kids About…
I provide consultation to parents about how to talk to their children (age 0 to 18+!) about sexuality, growth, development, and bodies. I give guidelines on assessing age and maturity appropriateness, suggestions for initiating conversations, affirmation for common concerns, remedies for common pitfalls, and information on useful resources.

Find Your Inner Bliss! Tune Up Your Chakras with Reiki
by Jaz Villemaire

At times, we just need to know that there’s a higher purpose for the “stuff” we’re going through. Relax, unwind, and allow Reiki to move through you; it will take the pressure off the panic button and help you feel confident in your next right action.

Jaz will channel Source Energy as you relax on a massage table. You might feel tingling, heat beaming out of my hands, or a cool wind brushing through you. Physical pain will be reduced, and you will feel calm and peaceful. You might also receive messages from Spirit and deceased loved ones who are helping you on your journey.

Ready to book and schedule your one-to-one session(s) for Camp Kawartha?
– Registration opens September 2 –

Prices:    $45 per 30-minute session (prices include HST)
————-Buy Two Special – $80 for 2 sessions ($40 per session)