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Vaishali PhotoVaishali Patel is a registered psychotherapist working in private practice in Downtown Toronto. She has waged a personal and professional battle against Superwoman Syndrome, the syndrome where a woman spends all of her time, energy, and focus caring for others and depletes herself in the process. In the past decade she has gone through a number of life transitions, nothing tragic or traumatic, but ones that caused her focus on her own wellbeing to shift (marriage, moving, having children, changing jobs). Although she was a therapist the whole time, she found that it was difficult for her to keep an eye on her self care even though she was encouraging others to do so for themselves. She realized that many women with families and careers have similar experiences, and decided to develop a practice that helps women like her move forward when they’ve veered off their paths to wellness. Before private practice she was counselling since 2003 in the field of Employee Assistance Programming (EAP), gaining experience and a greater understanding of the importance of work life balance, and overall wellness of individuals.

Vaishali’s Workshop

Find Your Awesomeness Within

This is a workshop aimed to tap into your amazing self and map out your fabulousness. If you’re struggling with not necessarily knowing your purpose, what you’re good at, and organizing your thoughts – this is for you. If it helps, bring your most positive, forward thinking and supportive girlfriends for this powerful exercise in self confidence strengthening.

Vaishali will first share with you the importance of having a high self worth, and then will lead you through an activity to help you find your own unique set of strengths and qualities, which will help you see your overall value.

Materials will be provided. Your creativity, willingness to see and embrace your awesomeness, and ability to see other women’s qualities are required to attend this workshop.

Vaishali’s One-to-One Session

Tapping Your Way Out of Superwoman Syndrome

In Vaishali’s one to one sessions, she will use Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping) to help you dig into some of those pesky symptoms of Superwoman Syndrome such as perfectionism, guilt, and lack of self worth. At the end of the session, you will also learn how to tap on your own at home to continue your growth and healing.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Vaishali

Vaishali Patel Psychotherapy

My company’s purpose is to help women realize that when we take care of ourselves we can do amazing things! We can care for our loved ones tenfold, we can contribute greatly to our community, and we can affect necessary change in our society.

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