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presenter; practitioner; writing; journalling; wellness weekend; women's retreat; women's weekend; wellness; women; workshops; self help; spiritualityTreena Hill loves to write and is the co-founder of the Cramahe Community Writers’ Group. When she’s not at her part time job in the kitchen of her local hospital, she is taking care of her husband, her two children and her four fur kids. A new found love of yoga and meditation has become a big part of her life, helping her to find balance between body, mind and soul as she suffers from depression. Treena is currently working on new ideas for other workshops to aid in inspiring and empowering the women around her to help them find their inner light.

Treena’s Workshop at Bliss

Journalling: A Path To Finding Your Inner Compass
We are in a constant state of fluctuation and after giving most of our time and energy to others, we can easily lose sight of our own dreams, desires and wants. Through the process of writing in a journal you can once again open up that line of communication between you and your authentic self, your inner compass. In the process, you can change the direction of your life, meet the person you used to be or even let that person you have always been out to shine.

Doing it old school with pen to paper adds to the magic and removes you from the fast paced technological world we live in. You get back to the basics of just you and your thoughts. Carving out ten minutes of your day either at the beginning or just before bed is all it takes, that and the agreement with yourself to actually take the time for you to do it.

The main goal of the workshop is to realize that the key to your life and the things that you want come from inside of you, you are the key and until you get to truly know your authentic self it is hard to open those doors of your future.

We will discuss the importance of writing everyday, what to write if you get stuck and how your inner compass could be trying to tell you something. We will also take some time and write a journal entry and then open the floor to discussion. So bring a pen, an open mind and let your light shine.

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