Meet Gaby and Sarah

Bliss B4 Laundry was born out of friendship and a desire to help.

Bliss B4 Laundry was conceived by two long-time gal pals, Gabriela Flores and Sarah Hutchison. Fast friends in university studying International Development, these two women bonded over a shared desire to make the world a better place.

Fifteen years later after choosing two very different paths in life involving travel, marriage, children, divorce, mental illness, and personal health crises, Gaby and Sarah have come together with a mission to create events that help, heal, transform and inspire change in the people who attend them.

A friendship that began with ideals and visions on a grand, international scale has circled back to find inspiration and passion at the personal level.

Gabriela FloresGabriela Flores
Gabriela has a heart of a Latina, a mind of a Canadian, and a spirit that belongs to the world. Moving around the globe started at early age. She was born in Toronto but spent her childhood in Venezuela. In her teens she moved back to Canada to complete high school and university, at which point she developed a craving to discover what’s out there. She worked seven years for the United Nations dividing her time between chasing hurricanes and working towards making this world a better place. She lived in five different countries, married, divorced, completed a triathlon, tried learning a few languages, and was touched by the hundreds of people she met along the way. Today, after traveling a quarter of the world (still so much more to explore), she decides to come back “home.” The year 2013 gave her a chance to re-group and re-launch her life. Her heart has always known that her purpose in life is to help others whether it’s at a community or individual level. She’s made it a mission to find ways to transform the human body from deprivation to abundance. Her passion is food: to get in the kitchen and experiment with new ingredients to make them delicious, nourishing and extract their power to heal.
Connect with Gaby – Twitter/Instagram: marigaby711  Email: marigaby[at]

sarahSarah Hutchison
As a business owner, mother, writer, teacher, artist, and mental health advocate Sarah Hutchison has a lot to say about health and wellness. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after the birth of her children, Sarah turned to spirituality and writing as a focus for her recovery. She learned firsthand the importance of self-care and holistic wellness. Sarah tells positive stories on her blog Roots B4 Branches in an effort to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness. And she is forthright and open about her diagnosis, doing presentations in schools and workplaces to demonstrate that it is possible to be healthy, productive and happy while living with mental illness. Sarah also has a passion for teaching and helping others. For eight years she has run an educational consulting business, SPARK Global Learning, working with clients like UNICEF, UNESCO and The Jane Goodall Institute to create engaging resources for educators and schools. Once a proud resident of the GTA, Sarah now resides in a peaceful green-energy home in Eastern Ontario with her husband and their two beautiful boys.
Connect with Sarah – Twitter/Instagram: @rootb4branch  Email: sarah[at]

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