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Taryn PhotoMy day job, and the reason I will be a facilitator at a Bliss Weekend are pretty different….but there is a correlation! I am a healthcare administrator at a Community Health Centre – professionally I wear many hats (Human Resources, Marketing and Communications etc.) and in order to manage my life stress (professional and personal) I am a self-professed PhD in Journaling for stress reduction. A Journal Practitioner if you will…with a background in fine arts (that makes sense right?) and a love of the written word, I have practiced journaling for almost 30 years. I have taught Journaling workshops to a Women’s Wellness group and would like to continue to encourage women to take up this easy, cost efficient and healthy habit!

Taryn’s Workshop

Journal Writing for Creativity, and Sanity!

Journal writing is a perfect activity to do any time, any where – it’s inexpensive, it’s inspiring, and it can open doors you didn’t know existed! This workshop will encourage and motivate participants to give journal writing a try if they have never done it before, or reignite the journaling flame in those of us who have written for years and have let life get in the way of our practice. In this workshop we will discuss the history of journal writing (yes, there is one and it is very interesting!), styles of writing, prompts and much more to motivate new and experienced writers alike. The goal is to share my passion of this valuable practice – I think it may be contagious!

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