Meet Sarah

Sarah HutchisonSarah Hutchison is a self-proclaimed spiritual junkie. From an early age, she has felt a strong connection to both her Higher Self and the Other Side. Trained in Reiki and Mediumship, she works in tandem with her mother, Donna, to give unique readings and sessions. While Donna channels Universal love and healing using Reiki, Sarah communicates with Spirit to receive messages from loved ones, guides and angels. It is a beautiful partnership.

As part of her spiritual practice, Sarah enjoys the insights, deep relaxation and connection to Spirit that comes with meditation. Recently accepting a position to teach Wellness and Meditation at Loyalist College has been a source of great joy and satisfaction for Sarah. Combining her training as an Ontario Certified Teacher with her life’s passion for spirituality has truly been a gift.

As Co-Founder and Co-Director, with Gabriela Flores, Sarah regards Bliss B4 Laundry as one of her greatest achievements in life.

Morning Meditation with Sarah

On Saturday morning we will greet the day with humble gratitude. Join Sarah as she guides you into a state of deep relaxation, where you will feel ready to receive the magic of the day before you. Open your heart and your mind to the possibility of transformation, joy, sisterhood and laughter. Start your Saturday at Bliss by centering and grounding the experience in an hour of beautiful meditation. Come prepared to enjoy yourself either sitting flat-footed in a chair, or lying comfortably on your sleeping bag and pillow. The choice is yours!

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