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Paula PhotoPaula Stableford has been guided by and connected to Spiritual energy since childhood. Her passion is to channel messages from loved ones in Spirit, answer questions on past, present and future, and guide people on their life path. Paula is in high-demand as an intuitive medium because of her word-of-mouth reputation for being exceptionally accurate in her communications with Spirit. She sees clients for energy healing, personal readings and group readings. And she teaches positive redirection and how to connect to intuition to let go of past pain and live more presently in the current moment. Her message is “hope” and that each of us is the true guide to our own internal peace and healing.

Paula’s Workshop

Live, Learn, Love: Learning How to Connect and Communicate with Spirit in Your Everyday Life

Do you find yourself wishing you could see what is coming on your road ahead? Or connect with and feel energy from the Other Side? Do you want to receive signs from Spirit and understand and know what changes you need to make in your life in order to live an amazing life rather than just exist? What does being intuitive look like in our every day life? How can we use love and intuition to overcome challenges and get ourselves back on our life path? And if willing to journey there … What are ways we can apply this new found connection and knowledge to all aspects of our life? Let’s connect to what you believe….How spirit may help you live… And how love can guide you to learning and letting go.

In this workshop, Paula Stableford, a talented and charismatic intuitive medium, will teach you all of the above and more! And in the second half of the workshop, she will channel heartwarming and divinely-timed messages from loved ones in Spirit to audience members. Come with questions for Paula and seek the answers you need to heal your grief, make important decisions, or follow your path in life.

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