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Women's Weekend; Wellness Weekend; Bliss B4 Laundry; Women's Retreat: OntarioMichelle Vodrazka is a transformational nutrition coach, culinary nutrition expert, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and author of two cookbooks, Smart Snacking for Sports and Help Yourself to Seconds as well  as the proud mother of four children. Michelle’s journey into nutrition started when she was able to help her youngest daughter overcome autism through diet and supplementation. She is a big believer that the way you eat, move, and think is the secret to a healthy, happy life.

Michelle’s Workshop at Bliss

Boost Your Metabolism

Are you feeling exhausted and run down? Have you noticed more belly fat accumulating around your waist?  Are you craving sugar and carbs? If you do, your metabolism might be to blame. Learn how you can boost your metabolism and get your life back on track by implementing a few simple tricks and techniques. Michelle will teach you the reasons that your metabolism may not be functioning the way it should be, which common mistakes most people make, and what simple steps you can take to increase your energy levels, balance your hormones and get rid of those stubborn pounds.

Michelle’s Saturday Morning Activity

Morning Yoga

Start the day by energizing your body and calming and centering your mind with Morning Yoga. We will begin with some deep breathing and gentle poses, continue with a flow that will warm up and energize the body, and close with some meditation and deep relaxation.

Michelle’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Nutrition Coaching

During this one-on-one nutrition coaching session, we will work together to assess your current eating habits and challenges. You will be provided with tips and tricks on how you can upgrade your diet and set up your environment in a way that allows you to reach your goals without feeling restricted or having to give up your favourite foods.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

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As a certified nutritionist, culinary nutrition expert, personal trainer and yoga instructor, I privately coach clients and consult with businesses, both locally and internationally. I also host workshops, nutrition and cooking classes, and share my knowledge of nutrition and healthy living at various public events.

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