Meet Lesley

Lesley PhotoLesley is an Intuitive Health Coach, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Vibrational Energy Healer.

As a Holistic Practitioner for the past two decades, Lesley has utilized many different modalities to create internal balance and harmony for the mind, body, Spirit and emotions.

Through experience, Lesley has come to understand that maintaining a healthy, balanced life means that we must attend not only to certain physical dysfunctions that may occur, but that we must care for the whole person including the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self. Lesley brings forth a wealth of knowledge in these areas and looks forward to sharing different tools that you can incorporate into your daily lives. Lesley believes in empowering others to take back their life and start living, not just surviving. Currently Lesley is working on her Aromayoga Teacher Training Certification.

Lesley’s Workshop

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils is a workshop that takes you on a journey using essential oils to help you connect mind, body and Spirit and restore balance within your seven chakras. Lesley will also talk about the frequency of the body and essential oils, and how raising your vibration can help maintain a healthy and balanced life. The simple methods covered in the workshop can easily be incorporated into your daily personal practice.

Lesley’s One-to-One Session

Vibrational Energy Healing Treatment

Vibrational Energy Healing allows the body to heal naturally. It is a process where vibrations are introduced to your physical and energetic bodies, so that the vibrations which have become unbalanced in the human physical or auric body are adjusted. These blockages and imbalances cause a cell, organ, system or energetic body to slow its vibration. Slow vibrations result in disease (dis-ease) or illness. As our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional presence is comprised of various energy frequencies, a number of different modalities of healing are utilized in helping support cleanse and align our energy signature. In this treatment we will be using Chromotherapy (light), Aromatherapy with the Aromadome, Sound and Crystal Therapy. Our intimate approach of using these modalities create synergies to better enable us to correct the necessary energy fields in the most efficient way.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

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