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presenter; practitioner; sex therapy; sex counselling; wellness weekend; women's retreat; women's weekend; spirituality; self helpKaren B. K. Chan is a sex and emotional literacy educator in Toronto. She’s dedicated to cultivating ease, self-acceptance, and empathy. BK works with parents, couples, families, and organizations to improve relationships, resolve conflicts, and reduce relational stress. She has taught empathy and sex ed for 18+ years. BK is known for her quirky sense of humour, and loved for making challenging topics feel easy.

Her 5-minute YouTube video “Jam” (which likens sexuality to musical jamming) has received over 70,000 hits and is used as a teaching resource internationally. She recently authored a chapter on sex and creativity in Carl Franken’s anthology “Secrets of the Sex Masters”, and a number of online articles on gender equity, pleasure, sexuality, and sex-positive parenting. In 2014, BK was awarded “Service Provider of the Year” by Planned Parenthood of Toronto, which both humbled and encouraged her immensely.

Karen’s Workshop at Bliss

The Sex Ed Class You Didn’t Have but Should’ve Had

Do you remember sex ed class? Chances are, you either remember only a few gory details or don’t remember much at all. And more importantly, did it make you feel better about yourself, or worse?

So much sex ed content is based on fear, and so often it’s delivered like it’s bad news! Sexuality – whether you’re sexual or not, new or experienced, enticed or a bit grossed out – is an important aspect of human life, and sex ed, therefore, should be life affirming. It should tell you about your body with respect and wonder, give you a realistic sense of sexuality (it’s complex and imperfect), calm your anxieties (they’re normal!), and expand your imagination (so much is possible!).

Join me for the Sex Ed Class You Didn’t Have but deserve. Let’s talk about breasts and testicles, orgasms and self-pleasure, rekindling desire, health and hygiene, and even how you could talk to your kids about sexuality. And let’s do it all kindly and lightheartedly, through laughter and stories, and with useful, practical information.

Karen’s Saturday Evening Activity

Dirty Birdy Pajama Party

Hang out in your jammies and sleeping bag, munch on chocolate and popcorn, sip on a glass of wine. Your host – a professional sex educator – will answer the Top 5 Dirty Questions that she’s ever received. You can listen in and giggle in the back, and you can throw in an anonymous question yourself!

Karen’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Sexuality and Intimacy Coaching
I provide one-on-one coaching on sexuality and intimacy. Bring your concerns and questions about sexual desire, pleasure, body and anatomy, communicating about sexuality, discomfort, disparity between desire of partners, and sexual creativity.

How Do I Talk to My Kids About…
I provide consultation to parents about how to talk to their children (age 0 to 18+!) about sexuality, growth, development, and bodies. I give guidelines on assessing age and maturity appropriateness, suggestions for initiating conversations, affirmation for common concerns, remedies for common pitfalls, and information on useful resources.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Karen

Website / Blog
Fluid Exchange 
promotes wellness of individuals and communities through: Sex positivity, active compassion, conscious connection, emotional and erotic intelligence, and relational empathy.

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