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Bliss B4 Laundry; Women's Weekend; Wellness Weekend; Women's Retreat; Girls Getaway; MamacareJess Sherman helps busy mothers simplify their lives by arming them with a powerful understanding of nutrition and the body. She coaches parents in dietary strategies that help infants and children calm down, learn better, feel better, get better sleep, have more energy, have fewer sick days, stay off medication… and simply be more resilient. She also helps mothers reframe and reclaim their own health by helping them identify and understand their needs and take control of their energy.

To better help parents learn to take care of themselves and raise healthy kids Jess has taken deep-dive training in digestive health, autism spectrum disorders, biological approaches to mental health, traditional food preparation, yoga and stress management, functional medicine and has become board certified in practical holistic nutrition.

It is her deepest commitment to help mothers relax, become confident in their parenting, and live vibrant lives while also being amazing mothers.

Jessica’s Workshop at Bliss

Mamacare: A Self Care Framework for Busy Moms

When we become mothers we go through a massive transition that is largely unnoticed; just like our little ones, we start up a long and steep learning curve and we grow in ways we never could have imagined. The speed of life takes off and our own needs, our own growth, our own sense of self, too often gets tossed to the periphery. We become exhausted.

The MamaCare framework, developed by nutritionist and mom Jess Sherman, offers a different way of mothering; a way for too-busy mothers to integrate their needs into the daily act of parenting, and reclaim their health by becoming the Chief Financial Officers of their energy bank accounts.

In this dynamic and interactive session Jess will help you quickly and efficiently identify your needs and build a box of tools, from meals to mindset, to ensure you avoid energetic bankruptcy. The MamaCare framework is one that you can take home and make your own, applying it on an ongoing basis so you stay healthy for years to come.

Jessica’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Bust Out of the Doldrums

What you eat affects how you think, feel, act and function. This 30 minute session is for busy women struggling under the weight of the many hats they wear. They will walk away with practical and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle tips to help weather the stress storm that surrounds them so they can feel stronger, think more clearly, sleep better, have more energy and feel more optimistic. Jess is a holistic nutritionist who’s work focuses on mental wellness and resilience for children and mothers. While this session focusses on women’s issues, a separate booking can also be made to talk about your child’s food-related health issues that might be driving you crazy.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

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