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Bliss B4 Laundry; Women's Weekend; Women's Retreat; Wellness; Women's Wellness; Weekend; Sacred Fire Ceremony; Workshops; PractitionersJennifer Clark was one of Doreen Virtue’s first certified Angel Therapy Practitioners (1999) & first Professional Spiritual Teachers (2003). She is one of the world’s top Integrated Energy Therapy (Healing With The Angels) Master-Instructors helping people authentically connect and heal with the power of their angels. As an advanced student of shamanism, she facilitates powerful sacred fire healing experiences for women who desire to transmute the mistakes of the past to live fully in the present.

She is the host of the popular “Jen’s Zen” television show on Rogers 22 English Ottawa and the founder of the Ottawa Soul Sistas Networking Group. As an effective Energy Mechanic, Jennifer Clark helps you shift into high gear!

Jennifer’s Workshop at Bliss

Angel Healing and Group Message Experience

Jennifer Clark will guide you through a powerful group angelic healing mediation that will help you deepen your connection to your own Authentic Self, Angels, Guides & Loved Ones. She will then offer random mini-readings to selected group participants to help them shift and move forward.

Campfire – Saturday Night

Angel Fire Healing Ceremony

Jennifer Clark invites you to transmute the past and create a healed outcome for your future. She will be guiding you through the experience of a true sacred fire healing journey. Using ancient Algonquin traditional ceremony, Jennifer Clark will build a sacred fire that will direct your prayers and send them to Creator for perfect resolution.

Bliss Weekend; Women's Retreat; Bliss B4 Laundry; Wellness Weekend

Sacred Fire Ceremony

By following the way the ancient medicine people built sacred fires, Jennifer Clark will open sacred space, calling in the 7 directions, 7 elements of life, 7 Arch Angels 7 Mighty Elohim for a truly powerful outdoor healing experience. Participants will take an active role in the fire by placing their prayers and offerings into the fire. This is a group experience done with reverence and respect for the old ways. No alcohol is permitted near the sacred fire. Behaviour is respectful and meditative. A truly powerful experience to share with yourself, new friends, the stars and the invisible beings all around us!

Participants will be asked to respectfully enter the camp fire and take their position around the circle. They will have with them a piece of paper written on it their request or offering for the fire. Jennifer Clark will then open sacred space by calling in the 7 directions, making the necessary offerings and creating a sacred fire healing energy. Once the ceremony is complete and the fire is energized to receive prayers, one by one the participants will take turns placing their prayers into the fire. Each person will hold space for the other creating a circle of power and intention.

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