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Jennifer FebelJennifer Febel is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach specializing in women who feel overwhelmed, anxious and are looking to regain their passion and spark for life. Using advanced mind-body techniques, Jennifer supports her clients as they step into their magnificence and lets go of their problems. She sees clients out of her home-based space in Bradford, Ontario (just north of Newmarket) and works with clients from all across Simcoe County, York Region and the GTA.

Jennifer’s Workshop

Designing Your Desktop: Reprogram Your Life From the Inside Out

Remember DOS? It was a revolutionary system for it’s time but you wouldn’t dream of trying to run a computer with it now, would you? Of course not! Then why are you still running old programs in your own life? Think about it. If you imagine the human mind to be like a computer, then it’s easy to understand that you have Hardware and Software programs that you run, both consciously and unconsciously. While many people still believe that dis-ease (anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions…etc.) is a problem with the Hardware, the more we learn about the brain the more we understand that it is the Software programs that are mostly responsible for our daily experiences.

And just like you can uninstall programs on your desktop, you can uninstall the programs in your life you don’t want to run anymore (Eg. Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, Hurt…etc.) and step into a more balanced and vibrant You!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to unlock the healing potential of your unconscious mind
  • You’re tired of all the negative chatter in your head and you wish it would shut off for good
  • You struggle with anxiety and are looking for a more holistic approach
  • You’re looking for more confidence and balance in your daily life

Join Master Hypnotherapist and Wellness coach, Jennifer Febel, to explore the workings of your Unconscious Mind and discover the key to unlocking your inner wisdom. This workshop is about creating the kind of life you really want, saying goodbye to drama and stepping into a life you are excited about!

Jennifer’s One-to-One Session

Discovery Session

Get to the root of your problem and find the happiness you have been searching for! This 30 minute Discovery consultation will help you better define your goals and learn more about what has been keeping you stuck in past patterns.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

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