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Jenn PhotoJennifer Foster is a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Life Force Energy Healer, Empathic Intuitive/Medium, Spiritual Teacher and (through personal experience) Self-Help Mentor.

After years of self-sabotaging ways due to sexual abuse in childhood, Jennifer L Foster, turned her life around through Reiki, her connection to Spirit and her love of crystals.

Surrounded by her beautiful children, loving husband, supportive friends and family she regained her own power and began embracing her life with an attitude of joy and gratitude.

After a trip to the emergency room following several panic attacks and very low energy, Jennifer decided to see an intuitive energy healer and has never looked back. She was told that she herself was an empath and a healer. This shocking revelation led her to begin healing her past and the emotional pain attached to it by balancing her chakras through energy work.

Her passion is empowering others and surfacing the tools within them to heal themselves.

Jenn’s Workshop

Vivacious Forgiveness: Forgiveness Through the Active Use of Self

Through the use of figurative expression and down to earth vibrations together we will bring clarity to the insights that are insecurely stuck inside of you. We all make mistakes which in turn lead to self destructive ways and victimizing reactions. Join me to use your own personal tools to clear the rubbish away and begin transcending to a place of balance within yourself. The clouds are not meant to stay lingering inside…

There is sunshine all around us and the first beam of light is YOU!

Jenn’s One-to-One Session

Intuitive Readings

Connect with your loved ones that have crossed over. Allow Jenn to channel their positive messages and bring peace and clarity to you. Our loved ones in the Spirit world are always with us and constantly trying to communicate with you through love.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Jenn

Divinely Lit encourages people to believe and trust that we all have the tools within ourselves to heal and balance our own lives.

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