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presenter; practitioner; wellness weekend; women's retreat; women's weekend; self help; reiki; spirituality; wellness; weekend away; getawayJacynthe (Jaz) Villemaire is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach. After graduating from University, she built a successful career in communications and training development with the Government of Canada. But although the salary and benefits were excellent, there was a big piece missing: her creative, caring and intuitive heart could not find a meaningful outlet and got lost in all the paper trails and policies. She painfully discovered that no matter your business drive, your social success or the amount of your knowledge, if you don’t follow the calling of your heart you will feel empty and dissatisfied. Being out of alignment with your heart’s desire brings stress, tension, depression and physical aches and pains. Enough was enough.

In December of 2013, she took the biggest leap of faith and quit her job to create the soulfully inspired life she desired – and she has not regretted it one bit.

Jaz is an avid and constant student of Life. She studied with masters in Canada, the USA and Brazil. She loves to take her dog, Maya, for leisurely walks near the St. Lawrence River, and she travels as often as possible. For her 40th birthday, she celebrated by trekking solo in London, UK to soak up the historical – and modern – vibes of that wonderful city.

Her services include various practices of Reiki, soul coaching, Chakradance, intuitive readings, Akashic records, tarot and oracle readings. Jaz teaches women how to live a joyful and inspired life by tapping into their intuition and clearing the hang-ups based on fear and self-worth issues.

Jaz’s Saturday Morning Activity at Bliss

Chakradance®: Unleash Your Spirit!

An Active Meditation to Tune into and Tune Up Your Chakras
You’ve tried to meditate but found your body was itching to move and your mind kept talking away? You don’t know how to tap into your body’s wisdom? You would like to deepen your connection to divine consciousness and receive guidance and higher perspectives on your life’s issues? Then Chakradance® is for you.

Imagine gently awakening your intuition, your body and your mind with a wonderful morning practice. The music starts, you feel the beat in your body and soul. Eyes closed or gently gazing toward the floor, you choose to surrender yourself to the music, and allow your body to move freely. You are gently guided to explore your inner stories and how they show up in your life. You release through movement those old thoughts and beliefs that don’t support or nurture your soul. You move your body to increase your personal vibration and invite in Universal energy and spirit helpers who can show you the way to heal. You might cry. You might giggle. You might smile. You will certainly feel well on your way to wholeness, peace and serenity.

No dance experience or prior knowledge of the chakras is necessary. Dress comfortably and in layers (temperature can fluctuate). Bring a journal, a cushion and a water bottle. I am the third Canadian to be fully-accredited as a Chakradance® Facilitator. I found this to be a deeply transformative journey with Chakradance®. I received deep insights and the courage to change my life. I no longer struggle with meditation and my intuition is sharper than ever before. I am looking forward to sharing this wonder-filled healing modality with you!

Jaz’s Workshop at Bliss

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: A Survival Guide

The energy is shifting, moving and ancient knowledge is reawakening… If you’re here, you are likely feeling this shift in various areas of your life – and you’re unsure what to do with it. This shift might feel like an urge to change your life – you KNOW there is more to life than the usual routine of sleep-eat-work-kids… You want more out of your relationships. You remember how magical life used to be when you were a kid, and you’re missing that. In fact, you might be missing YOU, feeling that you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way, trying so hard being a responsible adult. Or maybe you’re noticing that subtle senses are awakening. You feel more. You sense more. You might feel scared, confused, and you just don’t know who to talk to. You might feel like you’re the only one going through such a transformation.

Maybe you’ve come to terms with your spiritual self. You’re ready to explore and step out of your comfort zone. Your biggest question is, what now? Where to start?

In this workshop, you will:

  • talk about your fears – you’ll see you’re not alone!
  • explore how to share what you’re going through with your family, friends and colleagues
  • learn about various spiritual practices and get a feel for what’s a right fit for you
  • receive tips on how to choose a mentor, coach or spiritual teacher
  • gain clarity on your spiritual path and your next “right step” in your journey
  • learn why knowing your soul purpose and being attuned to your spiritual gifts can help you manifest more joy, love and abundance in your life
  • get a boost in self-esteem and confidence

Bring a journal and be ready to shift! I am looking forward to meeting you in September!

Jaz’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Find Your Inner Bliss! Tune Up Your Chakras with Reiki

At times, we just need to know that there’s a higher purpose for the “stuff” we’re going through. Relax, unwind, and allow Reiki to move through you; it will take the pressure off the panic button and help you feel confident in your next right action.

I will channel Source Energy as you relax on a massage table. You might feel tingling, heat beaming out of my hands, or a cool wind brushing through you. Physical pain will be reduced, and you will feel calm and peaceful. You might also receive messages from Spirit and deceased loved ones who are helping you on your journey.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

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