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Carlie Howell Circle…performer…composer…educator…

Carlie Howell as an instrumentalist, composer, digital creator and artist-educator with a passion for learning and creative expression.  As a performer, she weaves together her diverse experiences in a wide range of musical genres, to create an eclectic and unique musical voice all her own. Her passion lies in collaboration and creation, working and performing with composer-collectives, accompanying original songwriters, and fusing traditional styles with contemporary contexts.

She is the leader of her own original project Carlie Howell and the DeHarms, as well as a bassist, vocalist, and percussionist for indie-pop-rock band Culture Reject, folk trio Amy Campbell and The Road Less Travelled, psychedelic Brazilian rock group Os Tropies, composer collective The River Pilots, and Brazilian drumming ensemble Baque de Bamba.  As an educator, Carlie strives to bring this same spirit of adventure, collaboration and creativity to developing musicians young and old, and enjoys making music in one-on-one lessons, ensemble and classroom settings.

Carlie’s Activity at Bliss

Coffee House

This is your opportunity to share your stories, poetry, music, comedy, talents, fears, dreams, and performances in front of the most welcoming, loving and respectful audience! Challenge yourself to take the stage and be vulnerable – the growth and transformation you will feel as a result will be well worth it! Our Emcee, talented singer/songwriter, Carlie Howell will be performing her music throughout the evening. Her song Rise Like the Pheonix has become an informal anthem for Bliss Weekends – we are very excited to have her be our fearless leader for the evening.

– Everyone welcome to participate! –

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Carlie Howell And The Deharms
The River Pilots Delta
Os Tropies
Culture Reject