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Candice GallingerCandice Gallinger is a creative writer and natural healer currently learning Reiki and palmistry. After working in the Architecture and Interior Design industry for over 8 years, she felt a deep longing to make a drastic change. During this time she also faced dietary health issues that directed her awareness to the needs of her body.

Upon awakening to her inner wisdom and heart-centered desires, she began a journey of deeper self-discovery. Through healthy eating, spending time in nature, daily meditation and writing, she has been able to overcome her feeling of disconnection and once again feel whole.

One thing Candice can attest to is that these changes take time and we need to be gentle with ourselves in the process. By tuning in to the moments that open your heart and send waves of love pouring out, life once again becomes a magical adventure.

Candice strives to help others tap into their higher wisdom and gain a deeper sense of connection so that they too feel empowered to make the changes they desire.

Candice’s Workshop at Bliss

Vision Quest: It Starts From Within

Many of us seek external sources to fill a void that is deep within. You may look ahead to the future and think “I will be happy when… I get a better job, make more money, find a loving partner, am a size or two smaller….” It can be difficult to experience pure joy when trapped in your mind running through such lists.

As a result, it becomes next to impossible to feel content or at peace in the present moment. Once we are able to truly love and accept ourselves for who we are, we gain a powerful tool to rise above the drama of our mind. By rewriting our limiting beliefs and releasing any feelings we have attached to them, we tap into the parts hidden deep within our heart.

Discover how to follow your own higher guidance system to experience true happiness in the now.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how meditation and the practice of being fully present in the moment can have a positive effect on your health and your life
  • Find what makes your heart sing by asking key questions and listening to the signs from within
  • Gain the tools you need to let go of old stories and begin to write the story of your dreams

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