Lesley Halcro

Lesley HalcroLesley holds a 350-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate (RYT-200), graduating from the EWYT program in early 2006. She will complete her Cancer Exercise Specialist certification in 2014. Lesley’s classes are taught in the classical Hatha tradition, focusing on a blend of postures, conscious breathing, and meditation – to relax, rejuvenate and enhance mind/body awareness.

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Workshop Presentation:
Yoga For Breast Health
This workshop will provide an overview of the lymphatic system, its important relationship to breast health, and how breath and movement in a yoga practice can assist in the flow of lymphatic circulation in our bodies and breasts. A variety of yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) designed to stimulate the proper function of our lymphatic system and support breast health will be presented and practiced. Whether participants have experienced problems with their breasts (pain, fibrocystic breasts, dense breasts, breast cancer) or not, this workshop will provide positive and practical methods for increasing awareness and maintaining breast health. No previous yoga experience needed.

Passport to Healing Session:
Find Focus
Find focus in fifteen minutes! Learn how you can fit this short energizing yoga sequence into your hectic day, building strength, flexibility, and a deeper mind/body connection. Take some time for yourself ~ you’re worth it!
Cost: Choose this as one of the four 15-minute sessions included in the Passport to Healing for $55 (payable when you register online)

One-to-One Session:
Yoga For You
If you are new to yoga, this session will introduce foundation poses and breathwork. For the more experienced, the session will provide an opportunity to ask questions and explore posture modifications or variations in your existing practice. Depending on individual needs, the session can also offer ways to adapt your practice after injury, illness, or trauma.
Cost: $40 for 30 minutes / $50 for 45 minutes / $55 for 60 minutes (payable at the event)

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