Lesley Dionissopoulos

Lesley DionissopoulosAs a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Aromatherapy, Energy Healing and Holistic Health Coaching, Lesley Dionissopoulos realized the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection. Having been in the Health and Wellness industry for two decades Lesley brings forth a wealth of knowledge with a focus on the balance and connection of the mind body spirit. Currently Lesley is excited to introduce Young Living essential oils; which in their pure form aiding in the healing of this trinity. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and healing abilities.

Learn More @ www.ahealthybalanceforlife.com        www.shareyl.com/essentialmom

Workshop Presentation:
Essential Oils Experience
Essential oils have been used in certain cultures for thousands of years. In their purest form they hold the ability to identify, heal, connect to and change the vibrational energy of the body which in turn heals spiritual and emotional wounds. Through participation and demonstration you will learn, feel and experience the vibration of each oil and their healing capabilities. You may even experience spontaneous healing!! The Essential Oils Experience is a workshop that takes you through a journey. This journey with your soul deals with an emotional or physical pain or just an overall balance and de-stress. You will be able to feel how your body changes with each oil as it is applied. Your attraction/distaste to smell of the oils is your intuitive connection to the healing your body needs. You will learn how to intuitively chose the oils you need, apply and use them correctly. Participants are encouraged to speak about their experience, I have an extensive background in intuitive energy healing, life coaching and home based spiritual businesses. I look forward to guiding participants to a place of balance, healing and living an exciting and passionate life.

Passport to Healing Session:
Emotional Clearing and Balancing With Essential Oils

This short but powerful treatment of emotional clearing and balancing of old thought patterns, negative beliefs that no longer serve you with holistic healing and essential oils.
Cost: Choose this as one of the four 15-minute sessions included in the Passport to Healing for $55 (payable when you register online)

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