Meet Karen

Karen BK ChanKaren B. K. Chan is a sex and emotional literacy educator in Toronto. She’s dedicated to cultivating ease, self-acceptance, and empathy. BK works with parents, couples, families, and organizations to improve relationships, resolve conflicts, and reduce relational stress. She has taught empathy and sex ed for 18+ years. BK is known for her quirky sense of humour, and loved for making challenging topics feel easy.

Her 5-minute YouTube video “Jam” (which likens sexuality to musical jamming) has received over 70,000 hits and is used as a teaching resource internationally. She recently authored a chapter on sex and creativity in Carl Franken’s anthology “Secrets of the Sex Masters”, and a number of online articles on gender equity, pleasure, sexuality, and sex-positive parenting. In 2014, BK was awarded “Service Provider of the Year” by Planned Parenthood of Toronto, which both humbled and encouraged her immensely.

Karen’s Workshop at Bliss

Sexy On My Own Terms: Anchoring and Honouring your Sexual Being Within

As women, we are often given the message that our sexual being is defined by how we look, what we weigh, how we compare, and who finds us attractive — all of which are external to our inner selves.

Your sexual being is actually not any of those things. It is made up of your desires and pleasures: the sensations that compel and enliven your body, what amuses and tickles you, how your brain fires, and all that which moves your heart.

Through guided discussions, embodied movements, reflection and affirmation with a professional sex and emotional intelligence educator, you will (re)anchor your sexual being within you where it belongs. From there, you can enter consciously and easefully into your relationships.

Karen’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Sexuality Coaching

For Individuals:
I provide one-on-one coaching on sexuality and intimacy. Bring your concerns and questions about sexual desire, pleasure, how your body works, talking about sexuality, having different sex drives than your partner, and sexual boredom.

For Parents:
I provide consultation to parents about how to talk to their children (age 0 to 18+!) about sexuality, growth, development, and bodies. I give guidelines on assessing age and maturity appropriateness, suggestions for initiating conversations, affirmation for common concerns, and information on useful resources.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Karen

Website / Blog
Fluid Exchange 
promotes wellness of individuals and communities through: Sex positivity, active compassion, conscious connection, emotional and erotic intelligence, and relational empathy.

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