Judy Morgan

Judy MorganJudy Morgan is a Spiritualist/Metaphysical minister, teacher and Intuitive counselor. She has been practicing mediumship and spiritual intuitiveness for over 25 years. Judy is passionate about spiritual awareness and development, and considers herself a life- long student of the intuitive arts. She continues to pursue advanced training with world class teachers to inspire and encourage others to discover their own natural intuitive gifts and spiritual abilities.

Learn More @ www.divineinspirationswithjudy.com

Workshop Presentation:
Sensing the Call of Spirit
This workshop is designed to assist those who sense the call of spirit and desire to heighten their spiritual awareness. It is experimental as well as informative to help individuals discover the power and abundant possibilities that spirit assistance can bring! Through guided meditation and practical exercise you will learn how to trust and strengthen your link with spirit to receive insight and symbols clearly and understand the meaning.

One-to-One Session:
Psychic Readings With Judy
With the use of Oracle cards and light-hearted energy, Judy’s readings offer a sense of personal empowerment and greater understanding of individual concerns for those who open their hearts to receive.
Cost: $30 for 30 minutes / $60 for 45-60 minutes 

Large Group Activity
Demonstration With Judy – Spirit Messages
Located in Peterborough, Ontario Judy Morgan is a certified psychic medium/spiritual intuitive with abilities clients have come to trust. She is actively practicing mediumship throughout the Spiritualist Community and has served as a public message bearer for over 14 years. Judy will demonstrate her abilities and give random audience messages. Her messages are delivered with discernment and compassion. She is truly a unique psychic medium offering helpful healing guidance.
When: Saturday evening in Rotary Hall

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