Joanna Potkanska

Joanna PotkanskaAbout Joanna
Joanna’s work is about healing various types of trauma and emotional injuries, helping women to overcome coping strategies that no longer serve them, thereby reconfiguring themselves and their lives. Her experience includes working with trauma, emotional injuries, addictions and eating disorders in community and hospital settings, as well as in private practice with a Clinical Psychologist.   Her goal is to offer women a sense of Grounding, Healing and Hope.

Workshop Presentation:
Drawing in the Good: Discovering Your Resiliency through Art
Through a beginning mindfulness exercise, we will locate a place within ourselves that embodies our feminine strength and wisdom. Through abstract creativity, this newfound self will be transferred onto paper through fun, exploration and support of one another. Absolutely NO experience required. Just bring your curiosity.

One-to-One Session:
Finding Your Authentic Power Within
Based in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, this session will allow you to locate the centre of grounding, authenticity and empowerment within yourself. You will be able to use what you learned in your daily life to find and maintain a sense of stability and calm.
Cost: $75 for 45-60 minutes

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