Meet Jennifer

Jennifer FosterJennifer Foster is a Spiritual Teacher, Self-Help Guru, Vibrational Energy Healer and Intuitive/Medium. After years of self-sabotaging ways due to sexual abuse in childhood, Jennifer L Foster, turned her life around through Reiki, her connection to Spirit and her love of crystals.

Surrounded by her beautiful children, loving husband, supportive friends and family she regained her own power and began embracing her life with an attitude of joy and gratitude.

After a trip to the emergency room following several panic attacks and very low energy, Jennifer decided to see an intuitive energy healer and has never looked back. She was told that she herself was an empath and a healer. This shocking revelation led her to begin healing her past and the emotional pain attached to it by balancing her chakras through energy work.

She is now trained in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing Techniques and (through personal experience) Self-Help Methods.

Jennifer’s Workshop at Bliss

Bedazzled Chakra Vitality

Bedazzle yourself with the aid of natural healing crystals. Allow me to show you the tools and techniques to recharge and balance your life through the use of Reiki and the earth’s well kept hidden gems! You have the power within yourself to change your life now! By clearing any stagnant, stuck negative energies (old emotional blockages) in your chakras (your body’s energy centres) you will begin healing the manifested physical pain from the inside out.

Join me to educate yourself in Crystal Chakra Energy Healing and begin living your life free!!

 Jennifer’s Group Activity at Bliss

Reiki / Chakra Energy Healing Meditation

Using crystal chakra kits supplied to each person for the session, we will ascend into a deep meditation to help clear and balance your energy and chakras, while teaching you how to clear your own energy system. During the meditation I will walk around, having my intuition guide the way, and infuse Reiki energy on whichever chakra I am guided to. Along with my strong connection to Spirit, I will acknowledge the cause for the blockage and rebalance the chakra.

 Jennifer’s One-to-One Session at Bliss

Crystal Energy Healings

“Crystal Healings” is an alternative healing technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns using various forms of natural crystals. Crystals carry vibrational rates. By placing these vibrational rates within the aura – your aura’s vibrational rates also change. Specific issues in your life will be pin-pointed that require attention; along with active meditation, energy clearing techniques and crystals the underlying causes will be surfaced and healing will begin.

30 minute session – $45 soul investment

Connect with Jennifer

Divinely Lit encourages people to believe and trust that we all have the tools within ourselves to heal and balance our own lives.

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