Is Bali in your radar? It will be after you read this!

Would $1,000 off an amazing-life-changing retreat in Bali (yes! Bali, Indonesia) entices you to drop everything you’re doing right now and book to go? What if, on top of that, they offer an extra 36% ? And what if they throw in some more soul-felling perks?  

Yes it is possible!



MARCH 5-11, 2016

Bali, Indonesia

Details here

Email the amazing Laila Ghattas and use the PROMO CODE:  BLISS+BALI and you’re good to go!


“If you feel the Universal energies
moving you towards living your life
with greater alignment and connection

If you feel a stirring to open
your heart as wide as possible,
to really let go of what no longer serves you

If you feel the Universal energies
moving you towards living your life
with greater alignment and connection

If you are ready to commit to your growth in a way
that will transform your remaining years

If you are willing to embrace extraordinary blessings
and guidance from Divine Source

If you feel called to a shining new paradigm by which to live

If you are able to commit to your truest most joyful path

And if you feel attracted to the dates March 5 – 11, 2016

Please follow your heart and attend this retreat.

This is the one you’ve been waiting for
if these words resonate with you.

All the energies are lining up for you right now.

With Nyepi Day of Silence falling on March 9,
those of us gathering will be blessed
with unimaginable support for profound
internal reflection, insight and guidance.

Silence is where you meet your SELF.

Stillness is the path to your truth.

Imagine being on an island where for 24 hours
the population cooperatively prays and meditates.

This is the support you will sit within
to reflect and embrace LOVE.

Right in the heart of the retreat unfolding.

It will be like dwelling in the essence
of a magnificent Lotus flower.

My intention is to attract those most open and
ready for this soul journey of awakening.

We together will co create a sacred space from
which to lighten our hearts like never before.

In beauty, beside the sea, with gorgeous
nurturing for body, mind and soul,
I commit to serving your healing journey
by reflecting all my years of experience in
preparation for this transformational moment.

Please follow any intuition to share this invitation
with anyone who comes to mind who might
resonate with the intention expressed here.”


lailaweLaila Ghattas is an artist, Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner.

She is a writer, public speaker, group facilitator and the founder of Aziza Healing Adventures and Laila Goddess Comfortwear.

Laila has spent decades helping people become more self-confident, compassionate and aware. She has 26 years experience in the Healing Arts.

Laila has supported over 2500 people on their personal growth journey.

Laila Ghattas holds a B.F.A., B. Ed, Gestalt Therapy undergrad and postgrad Certificates, Expressive Art Certificate, Usui Reiki degrees one and two.

Since 2004 Laila has been offering Holistic Healing in Bali.

This is the 12th Self-Discovery Retreat Laila is facilitating in Bali.

Each winter Laila immerses herself in the spiritual tapestry of Balinese Hinduism. The wisdom and insight gleaned from ancient traditions is infused into all her work. Read more