How Karma Affects Our Daily Lives

The goal of this workshop is to aid blockages that may be affecting your life today. We all bring energies into this life from other lives that are not necessarily serving us well. In this workshop, we will discuss how Karma may be affecting your mental, emotional or physical well being. You will be guided into a past life that is specifically affecting you today. We will call in the Lords of Karma and ask that this karma be removed for the highest good.

Presented By Lynda Sutherland-Taylor

Lynda Sutherland-TaylorAlthough Lynda did not understand it, a “knowing” was her companion throughout her childhood and teenage years. When Lynda was 35 years old, she met Debbie, a wonderful woman and medium. They became fast and true friends. Debbie’s Chakra Meditation course changed Lynda’s life forever. She came to understand what she “knew” all along. Lynda believes she’s merely a conduit for the universe’s loving and healing energy, assisted in the healings by her spirit guides and angels. She’s grateful for their abundance of love and blessings. Lynda is an Energy Healer. She completed the four levels of the “Non-Traditional” Reiki and the three levels of the “Ushi Traditional” Reiki Methods. She received attunements in the Karuna Method and she’s now an “Advanced Reiki Master”.

Connect With Lynda

Lynda’s PTH & One-to-One Sessions
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