HANDLE: Helping Extraordinary People Do Ordinary Things

Stressed systems do not strengthen, they shut down. Disorganized or underdeveloped neurodevelopment systems utilize attention and mental energy to self-monitor and self-regulate what should be automatic. This leaves less energy and attention available for higher cognitive functions. Join us in this workshop to learn about HANDLE, a Holistic Approach that addresses the root causes of sensory, learning, cognitive, motor, social and behavioural issues. This workshop has hands-on, practical exercises that everyone can do to de-stress and feel better! 

Presented By Valerie MacLean

With a background in the medical field, Valerie’s skillset has evolved to include specialization in working with children and adults with a wide range of neurodevelopmental, social, behavioural and learning challenges. Her particular interest and expertise relates to the function of the brain in receiving and processing sensorial information from the environment.

As Director of the Phoenix Centre for Neurodevelopment, a private clinical practise, she works with children and adults across Canada and in the northern United States to evaluate neurodevelopmental efficiencies, and develop an individualized therapy program to strengthen weakened, disorganized, or traumatized foundational sensory systems.

Connect With Valerie

Valerie’s One-to-One Session
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