Girls Getaway in the Woods

Bliss B4 Laundry weekends are relaxed by design.

Rotary HallOur weekends are held in beautiful rural locations. Communing with nature in a laid-back, rustic setting allows us to unwind, shed the formalities of our daily lives, and recollect ourselves in the quiet of nature. By design, Bliss weekends are not in formal conference centers or fancy digs. We keep it simple, affordable and relaxed.

Huron CabinThe accommodations are always cozy, winterized, shared cabins with electricity perfect for bunking down with girlfriends or for meeting new friends. Washroom facilities include a central washroom building with showers and toilets. You bring your own pillow and sleeping bag and a flashlight to navigate to your cabin at night.

Campfire CircleThe sites we use also have plenty of other indoor and outdoor spaces for weekend programming including classrooms for workshops, outdoor team building facilities (like high and low ropes courses), outdoor amphitheaters and campfire circles, beautiful lakefront docks and vistas, teepees and hiking trails.

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