Meet Gerri

Gerri Bird

Gerri Bird is an evolving artist interested in exploiting human potential, and creating authentic photographs of amazing people. She is also a licensed consulting hypnotist, and an intuitive and empathic healer. She has been the owner of a photographic studio for 10 years.

Gerri’s Workshop at Bliss

Soul Rescue: Reclaim Your Spirit

Some of us live as a target for whatever the day has in store. What if your life is a series of choices in each moment? Are your choices helping you achieve goals, find personal meaning and direction and awaken your creativity and desire, or do they continue to support old patterns of fear and doubt? Come with me for a journey of self-discovery, and find that your soul has been patiently waiting to return to you. Learn how intuition, desire and common sense can help you improve every aspect of your life. Participants will learn techniques for relaxation, self-hypnosis and strategies to create effective change.

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