General Tips for Your Promotion

Use these ideas when promoting Bliss B4 Laundry with your networks!

Use a shortened link

Use a shortened link to information about the Bliss Weekend at Circle Square Ranch in your Facebook or Twitter posts. A shortened link is helpful because it reduces the number of characters in your tweet or post. Use the link by copying/pasting it into posts or tweets. Add it when mentioning your workshop or any topic related to your workshop.
Shortened link to Bliss Weekend at Circle Square Ranch:

Use #hashtags

If possible, when you use the shortened link accompany it with the hashtag #LiveYourBliss & #leavethelaundryathome.

We also recommend you use other Facebook and Twitter tags such as #women #getaway #wellness #weekendaway #soul #itsyourtime #bliss. And you can use hashtags related to your workshop as well, for example: #confidence #happiness #superfoods #spiritualbeings, etc.

In your Facebook posts, you should like our page and then you can tag Bliss B4 Laundry by using the ‘@’ before you type in the name: @BlissB4Laundry.

In your tweets, you can mention @gabyandsarah.

Use photos and videos

    • People love pictures and videos! They get much more attention than straight text posts. For better click-through stats, try uploading one of the photos included below and use one of the many post options below as the image’s caption.
      You can link to our main promotional video “Meet Elise”:
    • Or link to the video you have created about yourself and your workshop

Invite your friends and followers to like Bliss B4 Laundry

Please go to our Facebook page and our Twitter page and invite your friends and followers to like and follow our accounts. Thank you, thank you!

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