Energy Healing

Intuitive Spiritual Healing, which combines intuition with Reiki healing energy, helps us let go of past pain and release fear. In this workshop, we will learn how our bodies and minds are greatly affected by the energy of thoughts, words, past experiences and fear of the future. Even past lives! We will examine how to let go, recognize and connect to this pain and fear allowing us to release and move forward. We will use different tools in the healing process: 1) Meditation and chakra cleansing; 2) Crystals, sage, essential oils, and nature; 3) Intuitive guidance and Spirit intervention in our soul’s journey and healing; 4) Balance energy – balance our life with tips on breathing and clearing unwanted energy from our aura, workplaces and homes; 5) Learning how our bodies are affected by energy and addressing its origin in order to release; 6) Connect to Angels and feel their energy and participate in a group healing!!!; 7) Letting go of fear, redirecting thought and learning how you can change your life simply by changing your thoughts and re-focusing your energy towards your goals hopes and dreams; 8) Tools to connect to your own intuition. Finally I will pass messages to the participants.

Presented By Paula Stableford

paula stableford_circlePaula Stableford has been guided and connected to Spiritual energy since childhood. What others describe as psychic and mediumship, Paula simply refers to as intuition and the ability to channel universal healing energy. Connecting with client’s loved ones, answering questions on past, present, future, and guiding others on their life path is a passion that she brings to her clients. She has been seeing clients for energy healing, personal readings and group readings for almost 9 years now. Paula also practices Reiki healing and most recently has been guided to help others with positive redirection in their life, connecting to their own intuition and teaching others how to let go of past pain and live more presently in their lives. Her message is “hope” and she desires that each client leave knowing that they are the true guide to their own internal peace and healing. Destiny is what happens around you; free will is what you decide to do about it.

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Paula’s PTH & One-to-One Sessions
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